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MCs Seunggi and Hodong, Strong Heart cuts

One year anniversary of Strong Heart coming up next week.  It’s already been a year?!  Crazy!  I remember when Seunggi first signed on to be the MC and a lot of fans were wondering why he was doing more variety when he had just wrapped up super successful kdrama Brilliant Legacy…  But now, a year later Strong Heart’s remained the #1 Tuesday variety show and Seunggi’s about to wrap up beloved kdrama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which just hit its highest ratings.  Perfect way to celebrate a one year anniversary!  Now, I can’t even imagine not seeing Seunggi on Tuesdays!

Seunggi and Hodong SH openings (LSG’s song, I want You)
I still miss Boom. Love how they talk about him all the time on the show.
Seunggi and Hodong really are great together!

(cr: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

MC SeungGi cuts, part 1 (LSG’s song Like A Flower)
The days before big bad SBS deleted all those great YT subbed videos!
Seunggi’s expressions and laughter are priceless! Loved the 1n2d ep.

(cr: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

MC SeungGi cuts, part 2 (LSG’s song Ole Ole-For a Long Time)
omg, MC Seunggi is just too funny, and no one can beat a laughing Seunggi!

(cr: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

And Kang Shim Jang Logo Song, by Super Junior
Love how they included Seunggi’s name in the song along with Hodongs

(cr: judy000812)

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2 Responses

  1. Why couldn’t the big bad wolf let the subbed videos be??? Especially the 1N2D ones. It’s not like we were eyeing a share of the DVD market. In fact, if they sell 1N2D DVD, I will buy them. Downloading in a country with slow internet speed ages me at least 10 years!

  2. hi anne,

    are any of these seunggi mvs as strong heart host any YT links? i cannot seem to watch any on daily motion!!! and the vids here are so cute!!!! waah id like to watch the 1n2d epi!!!

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