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Seunggi sings with Eunhyuk, then laughs like crazy at Beast’s Doojoon, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English subbed videos ***

LSG video cuts from Sept 21 Strong Heart episode:
English subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

VIDEO ~ Seunggi and Eunhyuk’s brief duet (Eng subs)
Eunhyuk plays (tries to play!) keyboard while Seunggi sings Because You’re My Woman. OMG, you can tell it was totally unplanned. I’m so loving Seunggi + Teuk Academy! Loves it! Can’t wait to start hearing Singer Seunggi sing live again soon…

VIDEO ~ Seunggi laughs like crazy over tonkatsu and can’t stop! (Eng subs)
Beast’s Yoon DooJoon was telling a story that before his debut, he was watching the Big Bang documentary on tv with lots of envy because he had yet to fulfill his dream. And that he looked so pathetic sitting there eating his tonkatsu… Keyword here is TONKATSU! The start of major uncontrollable Seunggi laughter! Daebak! omg, seeing Seunggi laughing crazy like this… Love love love it! (Mashup of LSG cuts only)

And just because I’m so loving Seunggi with Teuk Academy…

Fancam~ Sukira Radio with EunHyuk & LeeTeuk (Sept 20, 2010)
Seunggi’s song Losing My Mind plays as EH and LT wrap up the show

(cr: icezypomme)

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

More Seunggi Strong Heart cuts:

Even More Seunggi Strong Heart cuts:

11 Responses

  1. Ann, thank you so much for sharing and for the translation. :-)

    I’m so happy watching Seung Gi laughing so hard!!! Since he does not have enough time to rest and sleep, at least we can see that he’s very happy and enjoying his work. Laughter is the best medicine, so, this is good for him! The laughter somehow makes up (?) for the lost sleep?. But I really hope that he can rest for a while so that he won’t get sick.

  2. its hard to find a good situation where you can laugh like that..Its been so long for me..for LSG, the last time he’s on his knees laughing was when sugeun jokes didn’t work for him..hehe..now, that was funny…

  3. Ann, once again thank you so much for the translation :)

    I watched live too and I was laughing along with him even though I do not know what was happening accept for the pork chop. haha! And I just love to watch him sing live!. His voice can just melt your heart and put a smile on your face. Oh! I wish I can go to his concert.

  4. Thanks ann for the translation

    whats so funny about tonkatsu that make our boy laughed like that? i dont laugh but smile like crazy instead. he’s too cute!!! i will look stupid if i laugh like that LOL

    and cant wait to see Seunggi sings live again!!

  5. gosh! that was the best laugh ever! how does he do that? he also made me laugh just by watching him…it’s nice seeing him that way…acting all natural, quirky, crazy, and funny…at least by that, he forgets all the stress from his work…^^

    seunggi sings again live…yay! daebak! wohooo! ^0^

  6. Hoi Hoi everyone

    Still working but need to clear my head before go through all the paper work :( .

    I knew it, it’s Wednesday and Ann would translate SH cut, haha :) here we go

    [Eng] 100921 Kang Shim Jang Ep 44 – SG Laughs Like Crazy

    [Eng] 100921 Kang Shim Jang Ep 44 – SG vs Eunhyuk

    Thank you Ann
    Enjoy :)

  7. His voice is to die for! Hope he rests well before going back to work. It is amazing that you don’t see any signs of fatigue on him.

  8. I love the duet clip..and I love that his voice was a little husky ^^
    and ROFLMAO the clip of him laughing just me laugh so hard XDDD *clutches stomach*

  9. hi anne,

    would you know where i can download this episode with eng subs? thx so much. The only time i laugh like that is when im watching 1n2d. sigh.

    • I’m not a good person to ask about ENG subbed eps of any K-stuff since i only watch korean versions. Def one of my fave SH moments!! sadly no LSG-Beast reunion interaction on 1n2d…

      • yeah, now i remember you telling me that already, sorry!!! but thanks so much for this site. I hope you do a great recap though for us instead of the new strong heart esp the first of Seunggi flying solo.pls also post vids!!! as if you need telling hehehe.

        thx again!

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