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Last part of Travels with Seunggi, 9/12 1n2d cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng-subbed clips for some of the KBSW deleted parts ***

LSG video cuts from 9/12 1n2d episode:
(video credits: rapport2010; tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video~ Seunggi sleeps well, lip-syncs, and meets some giddy girls

LSG: Putting aside being an entertainer, and for today, simply a traveler.
[Trip title: Lovely travels with Lovely young adult Lee Seunggi]

LSG: Ack! [Caption: Scared at seeing his own face!] You scared me!
[LSG talks to KJM by phone]
LSG: Jongmin hyung! You got lost?! What are you going to do if you keep getting lost? How can you keep getting lost all the time?
[LSG gets ready to sleep]
LSG: I’ll sleep well. Really, thank you soooo much! Usually it’s Bokbulbok around this time! I can’t believe that I’m able to just lay down here instead! Unbelievable!

[LSG says good night]
LSG: Together with PD Na, as he said so himself…
PD: I’m so worried about all the members, I won’t be able to sleep. If you don’t believe me, call me at 3am to check and I’ll definitely answer on the 1st ring.
LSG: This call is being recorded because you’re on speaker phone…
PD: However, what will you do if I pick up the phone?
LSG: If you pick up, I’ll come out here at 6am and help you film.
PD: Why don’t you just film on your own.
LSG: Ok, I’ll do it myself.
LSG: Per our promise, I will call him at 3am. If he does pick up on the first ring, I’ll take that to mean he’s really deeply concerned for our members. So we’ll see whether I’ll see PD Na in the morning or at the closing. Good night!

[Per agreement, LSG calls PD Na]
LSG: Huh? PD Na… You didn’t sleep?
PD: I told you if you called at 3am…
LSG: Wow. I lost. I will go tomorrow morning. Don’t come, get some rest.
PD: Yah, rest? How can I rest? I’ll just keep on worrying.
LSG: Ok, your worrying heart is acknowledged. Please get some sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.
[LSG gets up next morning, gets ready, has breakfast]
LSG: Wow, it’s kimchi stew! Thank you. I will eat well. Wow, this is delicious.
[LSG leaves Village Director’s house, LSG tries to pay but they refuse his money]
LSG: No this is mine.
Wife: What do you mean it’s yours! [gives LSG some water for his trip]
LSG: Thank you so much.
Wife: You have to keep drinking water.

[LSG walks out, sees filming crew. Preps for filming at that sacred place the grandma had said is often used for Korean traditional music. LSG lip-syncs and dances to traditional Korean song. Then transitions to lip-syncing a rock song! Ha.]
LSG: Awaiting autumn here, you are currently watching Lovely travels with Lovely young adult Lee Seunggi. puahh [LSG trying hard not to bust out laughing! Gets back on the road to meet other members]
LSG: It starts again. There’s no shade so even if you want to rest, you have to keep going. For our tv viewers, if you decide to come here and hike this 2nd course, this green area should be in full bloom by then. You should definitely visit here.

[LSG meets 2 girls]
LSG: Hello. Girls: Omo! Oh!
LSG: Are you hiking? When time did you start? Girls: At 7:30.
LSG: Are you just walking only this course? Girls: We plan to keep going.
LSG: Have you seen any other 1n2d members? Girls: You’re filming 1n2d?!
LSG: Yes, we all got separated. Girls: From back there, we were thinking there’s a young guy coming this way filming something.
LSG: If you’re headed that way, you may run into Kim Jong Min. Girls: Really? Are you going that other way?
LSG: Yes. Girls: [disappointed] Oh. It’s mountainous paths from here on.
LSG: Is there a lot of shade? Girls: Yes. After that bridge, it’s all shade.
[They say goodbye. Lots of giggling. LOL. Girls: “I still can’t believe this! Wow. ke ke.” They quickly call their friends! They so should’ve asked to take a photo with LSG. I think they were so shocked and giddy, they forget. They will def regret later!]

Video~ Seunggi reflects on the love/affection among 1n2d members

LSG: Ah shade! Variety show necessities: 1) stamina, 2) shade, 3) air conditioning. You can be really good at variety if you have those 3! Everyone, together with Lovely Young Adult Lee Seunggi, you are viewing the lovely resevoir! [meets JongMin]

[The guys meet up after their individual hikes – Eng subbed below]

[Closing ment; Guys don’t want to be separated again! – Eng subbed below]

[LSG talks about his affection for the other members]
LSG: Typically we don’t contact each other at all during the two weeks in between filming. We don’t call each other much either since we’re all so busy. However, that loyalty and affection is decisive and apparent when we meet each other outside of 1n2d… You’re just incredibly happy and it’s so encouraging. And how would you say this… there is a real love/fondness among the 1n2d members. Hodong hyung has said this to us, “I’m annoyed when I see you guys and get worried when I don’t see you guys.”  [montage of moments from the documentary travel trip. Awww.]

Video~ The guys meet up after their individual hikes

Video~ Closing ment; Guys don’t want to be separated again!

See RATINGS/RECAP from this episode:

SeungGi cuts:

More SeungGi cuts:

Even More SeungGi cuts:

3 Responses

  1. this episode feels so warm and happy to watch…minus the mong controversy, I have to ask something…KHD recent buzz word you call it? LOL..”ain’t we comedian~!!?/man~!!/Singer~!” LOL last one is by seunggi..did he start this..or is it from other show like gag concert? its so funny when thy yell out these buzz word…better than variety jeongshin..these new one can showcase the guys manliness? what am I talking about..keke..hope the ratings stay strong even after the controversies…even Qualification 4 men is rising right now right..so many music making mission over there…and its nice to watch too…happy sunday! Fighting~!

  2. anyone know the song when LSG is talking to KJM on the phone in the first clip

  3. Hi ann
    For 1N2D Ep 169 on KBSW (last part of JiRi Mountain)
    They really edit out all MC Mong part and almost all the end when 1n2d guys finally meet up
    Here some part that you translate.
    [All the 1n2d guys finally meet up]

    [The guys go out to meet KHD and EJW]

    Enjoy :)

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