Seunggi’s Official (revamped) Website is now open!



** Leave him a message there with your email address **

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  1. is that Seung gi homepage or Airen fanclub homepage??

  2. it’s should be seung gi homepage set up by his agency..

  3. is there a way to join in??
    i thought it was Airen manager homepage

  4. from what i have seen, there is no joining criteria.. it looks more like an information website..there is no forum which allows the fans to publicly post their message. it’s under community where you can send message to Seung Gi…

    but there is a criteria..under the title you are limited to 2-30words..(if you type in english, there isn’t much you can put).. under name, it’s 2-10words. as for message, i’m not sure if there are limitation.. i sent mine early this morning… there were some korean words appeared on my screen after i send.. but i forgotten to check what it means… but i did see the last window which says ‘thank you’ in korean.. i hope it means it is successful sent…

  5. people must join.
    i don’t want Anti fans to write bad comments to seung gi..

  6. yon, you left a msg?! that’s awesome! the website looks great. i think seunggi will mainly use this site to communicate with fans from now on, no?

    maybe even leaving his message letters at the website instead of at the airen fan cafe? this way, all his fans (non-members) can have access too. at least i hope they do that.

    waiyi – don’t worry, even if seunggi has anti fans, he’s probably the lowest number of anti-fan K-celeb in korea! LOL :)

    • yes… i left the message…hehe.. :) but i think it’s not to be seen publicly…

      are you ann? so sorry, my memory is quite bad….hehe.. your are rapport2010 in soompi right?

      hopefully someone try it out and let me know what are the korean words and what it means after sending the message…

      • yep LSGfan = Ann = annannann :)

        but rapport = rapport2010. She’s the awesome Seunggi fan that encodes (voluntarily) most of LSGfan’s Eng translations for video clips. :)

  7. me 2. sent our Seung Gi a message but lwonder whether it had been sent coz i don’t understand a word of what
    appeared on the box!! unable to get google to do the translation either.

  8. i tried to write a message.

    but it can’t sent……….. T_T HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • waiyi, did you limit the title to maximum 30alphabets? and for your name, maximum is only 10alphabets… it’s alphabets ah, not words….. ^_^

      i think it is also a must to type in your e-mail address…

  9. I was able to send my message. It says thank you in Korean at the end.

    It is a must that we fill in the Title Box with 2 to 30 letters. I was trying to send my message without filling in the Title Box but it says this:
    * 필수 입력 사항입니다.
    * 2 ~ 30 자 입력이 가능 합니다
    which means:
    * Are required.
    * 2-30 characters to be input.
    I sent my message after filling up the said Title Box and also the Name, & Email Address. After which, another box appeared which I clicked on OK and the last box is this:

    등록 되었습니다.

    which means:
    Has been registered.
    Thank you.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Thanks for all the info and tips guys! I just left my “very long” message! ha ha ha ha.

    it looks like by leaving a message and your email address, it’s a sort of informal way of registering, keeping track of fans. if ppl are uncomfortable providing their personal emails, you should just create a new one for this.

    I copied/pasted the korean letter we included with the international fan package to seunggi and included the link to the soompi page that has the gift photos posted. and mentioned that PD Park just tweeted about it. and we know that seunggi is super busy but hope that when he has the time he can just let fans know that he did get it. but that i can understand that he can’t thank ppl every time he gets a gift b/c we know he gets tons of gifts! LOL.

    anyway, love the new website. hoping the sections will be in english as well, as that is typically the common lang that ppl in different countries could may be understand.

    also, what is up with the wallies they chose to post???!!! interesting choices. :)

  11. I watched only one of his dramas BL. He was awesome. Hope he keeps his smiling face. It is his best weapon.

  12. I like his songs too. They are so meangingful and touchy, especially, “Because we’re Friends”, then the album “Return”, and ‘Will u marry me’ which I like dancing to. Keep the good work and thou shall go places.

  13. I have watched all his shows.. Just love him really wish i could see him someday.. But am not able to register in the Official Site… :(

  14. I want to join in to lee seung gi website but when I fill my details and press register iz telling me “No special character allowed” so what can I do?

    • Became his fan because of his sterling performance in Brilliant Legacy with Han Hyo Joo. Hope they will do another drama together. Love them both

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