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Seunggi’s new OST song, I Love You From Now On

Wow, Hook really knows how to pull at our heart strings don’t they?!  Making up for the disappointment among fans who were expecting a second OST song (ballad) from Seunggi, they hit us with this amazingly powerful upbeat and beautiful pop ballad!  OMG, the lyrics are just to die for and Seunggi sings it perfectly.  The mix of pop and ballad sounds along with the incredibly real and heartfelt lyrics… finally THE SONG and THE SOUND I’ve been waiting to hear again from Seunggi!

Lee Seung Gi’s I Love You From Now On ~ Daebak!

(Download this song at leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com

Seunggi’s song at the end of Ep 11 for the kiss scene ~ Watch and weep again!

See more songs and fanmade MVs at:


OMG, just can’t get enough of this song and Seunggi’s voice!  I am so totally head over heels for this song, I want to cry!  The more I listen to it the more I think of Daewoong’s sweet kiss!  To think we’re going to see/hear Seunggi sing this live… OMG OMG!

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9 Responses

  1. now we wouldn’t ‘t know what the ending would be like, this ost is like the opposite of fox rain, will it be a happy ending? but SMA past drama mostly have sad ending right…

    anyway, Hoi Hoi~ for the next episode, LOL

  2. Wow! The song is so addictive!.I just check my itune player and I’m listening to the song for the 66th time! I can imagine him singing this song on his live concert this November and maybe playing the piano at the same time. Omo! I wish I can go to his concert.

  3. omg guys i’m so in love with this song and the lyrics and seunggi’s singing that i want to cry!

  4. Hehe, finally a ballard song, huh?
    I seriously miss Seunggi the singer these days, hope he comes back to music stage soon>_<

    ^^ my girls at AirenVietnam are quite fast at Kor-Viet trans these days, will wait until the viet-sub vid is out :)

  5. I was crying, I was laughing, I was cooing…

    The song and the image…SG took her in so confidently…

    Oh my! I am so glad I pre-ordered the OST!

    • are you referring to the 2nd OST or 1st? Because i bought the OST but they don’t have this song… so are they going to have another OST? i hope so, because i really support original…..hehe….

  6. hi!
    I’m kinda new to this digital single thing and i really like the song from the show! so i am wondering how do i go abt purchasing it? or is it still available?


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