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My Girlfriend is Gumiho, TV Ratings/Recap 12 (Sept 16, 2010)

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September 16, 2010 (Ep 12)

Dramas airing at the same 9:55 time slot are listed below.
Number in front of drama indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 49.3% (Seoul = 48.3%)
17- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 8.7% (Seoul = 9.5%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 2.8% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 50.8% (Seoul = 49.7%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.7% (Seoul = 10.4%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; Newsen)

Scroll to bottom for previous ratings…

The Ratings – All of Korea wanted Baker King to reach 50% ratings before bowing out.  Reminds me of the nation’s love Brilliant Legacy received last year. There’s definitely a clear formula for high ratings if you follow the pattern of recent high viewership dramas. Baker King aired its very final episode, so the lower My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ratings were expected.

I’m actually sort of relieved that My Girlfriend is a Gumiho doesn’t have super high ratings; while a bit disappointing, maybe it’s a huge burden off of Seunggi’s back to produce high ratings all the time.  Also, everyone’s acknowledged that the Gumiho ratings are acceptable, that is in going up against goliath Baker King.   Seunggi probably cherishes this opportunity to work with a great team and a great production, as well as Shin Min Ah. LOL.

Next week should be interesting. From what I understand, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho won’t air on Wednesday due to the Chuseok holiday.  Instead, both Episodes 13 and 14 will air on Thursday back to back.  Not sure what KBS will broadcast at that time slot since the replacement drama (Rain’s Runaway) isn’t scheduled to broadcast until the week after.

Would love to see My Girlfriend rake in the ratings next Thursday. But it’s a trendy, hip, sci-fi-esque drama, so I’m not expecting the older traditional Baker King viewers to come in with only 4 episodes left.  I’m just so over the moon with Daewoong and Miho finally both in love with one another, so I’m okay with the ratings.  More so, Ep 12 was totally epic… again!

Woong-ah Recap ~ Usually these Seunggi recaps are about Daewoong and Miho, but so much happened in ep 12, so I am forced to also write about evil Vet too.I so despise him right now! And that freaky Goblin Kid. Creepy!

Also warning, this is a long post… but it includes major cuteness overload!
(ALL  screencaps credit:

The PD must have known how much we loved the kiss because they treated us with a repeat of the kiss at the start of the episode.

Kiss scene continues and the two are all smiles afterwards…

DW gives MH the ring, says it’s for real this time. DW goes in for another kiss but immediately gets chest pain. MH says the bead is not fully healed from that Noona ki-stealing situation, and because of that they can’t even “mate” until the bead is healed. Ha. MH is very upset by this!  DW is pretty disappointed too! LOL. But they try again…

But chest pain again for DW.  MH tells DW to just bear the pain so they can continue to kiss. ha ha ha. But every time they try to kiss, DW experiences unbearable chest pain again. They accept that they’ll just have to wait it out.  Omg, too cute. Daewoong-Miho are one of the best couples ever!

Back inside, MH plans her life and lists her 4 main to-do items.
1) Mate with Daewoong, to be taken care of after bead heals.
2) Marry Daewoong, after the 100 days.
3) Have kids with Daewoong, on a regular basis if possible!
4) And lastly, to live happily ever after.

Imagination sequence follows of DW-MH as they achieve each of the to-do items. Hilarious. They first “mate.” Nothing shown but them cutely supposedly jumping into bed!  Then they get married. Then they have a baby. And then more and more babies. Ha. MH says they’ll just keep going on while they have the strength! Ha. Ends with a bunch of little kids chanting to DW, ” Please buys us meat Daddy!” LOL.

Later, a strange kid sees MH walking home and realizes she is a nine-tailed fox and decides to hunt down her bead.  He follows her to the filming site and overhears DW and MH talking about the bead and realizes that DW is the one with the bead. The Kid follows after DW but then is caught by the Vet.  The Kid admits to being a goblin(?)  But the Kid frees himself and runs away from the Vet.

Later, MH and DW go to Grandpa’s house for dinner. MH plays a traditional flute, does a traditional folk dance, and speaks in traditional tones. MH totally plays up her old-school, gentle sweet girl side and Grandpa and Aunt just love this!

At the dinner table, MH keeps only eating the meat, and so Aunt feels hurt that MH does not like her cooking.  So they tell her to try the veggie side dishes and the rice.  Since she only likes meat, DW distracts Grandpa and Aunt to look away while she then feeds the food to DW, pretending she ate it. Omg, they are just too cute!

Afterwards, DW and MH are happily talking and planning for their married life together.  MH looks through DW’s photo album and says she’s lived 500 years but hasn’t really lived. She wants to have all the experiences like DW did in the photos.  She feels sad that she doesn’t have that experience like others do. (love the real photos of Seunggi in the album! nice touch.)

DW tells MH not to worry, and says they will build memories together from now on.  He cheers her up by taking a selca photo of the two to commemorate the day she came to perform for Grandpa and says this will be the start. Aw.

MH and DW walk back home after dinner. MH is very upset that they can’t share skinship like the other couples because of the bruised bead. So they test it out and see what level of skinship is possible without DW feeling too much pain. First they hold hands. Ok good. Next MH wraps herself around DW’s arm. Ok, still fine. Then, MH puts DW’s arm around her but that’s too much pain for DW.

MH is very upset, but they decide to just hold hands and that makes MH very happy. omg, how can they be so freaking cute?!

DW tells MH to head home first because he has something to do. He wants to surprise her by getting their first photo  developed right away. So sweet.

The next day, DW finds out they have to film in China for 2 months. He doesn’t want to leave MH so he decides to drop out of the film.  MH hears about this and feels lousy that DW has to deal with all these other issues because he doesn’t have a normal human girlfriend. Seeing how sad MH is, DW cheers her up.  Noticed that DW always makes sure to cheer MH up in a special way when she needs it.  So sweet.

So to make MH feel special, DW says he can cite 9 reasons why it’s great to have a gumiho for a girlfriend. He goes through a bunch of sentimental and cute aspects such as – not having to worry about his girlfriend getting drunk and walking home late at night; her yelling out how much she likes him even in public; fully trusting that she will never stray from his side; and lastly, he repeats what MH had said to him at their park date and says, I just like you so so so so so much. he shoots her some love darts and MH pretends to faint out of love. Cuteness overload.

MH even ponders going to China with DW, but evil Vet says that’s a bad idea.  He says the Goblin Kid is out for the bead and so it’s better that DW is far away and the bead is hidden until the Goblin is caught.

To keep DW safe and away from the Goblin Kid, MH convinces DW to go to China. She says she’ll be fine. DW wants her to stay at Grandpa’s house but MH says she can’t because of her her tails possibly coming out.  She again tells him not to worry and to just go to China.

The next morning DW gets ready to leave for China. DW gives MH the photo album with their one picture in it and tells her to take lots of pix and make memories so that he can see them when he returns. MH walks him out. DW is about to leave but then turns around and comes back to kiss MH goodbye.  It has to be on the cheek though. DW says by the time he’s back the bead will be fully recovered and so he’ll greet her properly then (meaning with a real kiss!)

Not sure how long afterwards, but DW comes back to surprise MH for a 2 day visit. But MH’s not home. She’s gone to see the Vet who tells MH that she needs to stay away from DW so as to keep him safe from the Goblin Kid, since it will be hunting after MH too. I hate the Vet. MH had just finished telling him how much she and DW love each other. He’s really getting on my nerves!

While DW is waiting for MH at the apt, the Goblin Kid shows up and pretends to be hurt. DW tells him to get on his back so he can carry him to the hospital. At that moment, Goblin smacks DW on the back and DW faints. Omg, my heart almost stopped during this scene.

When DW regains consciousness, the Kid is hovering over him. DW freaks out and the Kid tells him he just wants to take out the bead. The Kid says that if DW continues to carry the bead DW will die. DW has no idea what the Kid’s talking about.The Kid says he’ll tell DW all the details once he gets the bead. Knowing that DW had to guard the bead for MH’s sake, DW refuses. Goblin Kid about to take the bead, but the Vet shows up and scares him away by throwing his magical knife at the Kid.

DW demands the Vet tell him what the Goblin Kid was talking about, that the Kid said DW would die due to the bead. Vet tells DW that if he continues to harbor the bead and betray MH by not returning it to her after the 100 days, then it means that MH will die. DW defiantly says there should be no problem then, since he has no plans to betray MH on this.  DW walks off and Vet says to himself that DW should also quietly die without MH knowing. Vet is pure evil, more so than Noona!

Meanwhile, Goblin Kid runs away but is found by a pissed off MH who says that because of the Kid she can’t even be with DW.  Kid says MH is the bad one since she’s killing another (DW) so she can become a human.  MH has no idea what the Kid is talking about since evil Vet has yet to tell her this fact. The Kid says the bead is already starting to eat at DW’s liver, and once she takes it back to become human, DW will surely die.  The Kid says her friend the Vet even knows all this.

MH is completely stunned and heartbroken by all this, especially now knowing that while she will become a human after she gets the bead back, DW will die. She cries hysterically calling out for Woong.  Meanwhile, DW is back at home waiting for MH to surprise her. Although freaked out a bit by the whole goblin thing, he’s all smiles as he waits for MH.

Directly translating this part — proof that Vet is evil!

MH goes to see the Vet. Vet says the Goblin Kid has been hurt badly enough and won’t come again.
MH: Why did that female goblin GilDal you told me about have to disappear?
Vet: Because she mistook herself to be a human.
MH: Are you afraid that I will disappear like GilDal?
Vet: I will never let you.
MH: What if DW decides not to take out the bead? What will you do? Will you by force take it out from Daewoong?
Vet: Even if I have to by force, I will take it out from Cha Daewoong, because if not it means you will die.
MH: Oh I see.
Vet: But you don’t have to worry about that. I saw that Cha Daewoong has returned. I stopped the Goblin Kid from snatching the bead. And I told Daewoong that you would die if he does not return the bead.
MH: You revealed that to Daewoong?!
Vet: He will properly return your bead because he will never let you die. You must have been very scared because of the Goblin. Have some tea and it should calm you. Since the Goblin was struck by my knife, he won’t be able to live that long and will disappear.
MH: You once told me that if I were struck by this knife then I would die and immediately disappear right?
Vet: That’s correct. This is dangerous to you. I should probably put it away far from you. [Vet leaves room]
MH: I must disappear.

MH comes home and DW tells her how he went through a crazy 16 hour bus ride, a long plane ride just to see her for 2 days because he missed her so much. DW tells her about the the run in with the Goblin and how the Vet saved the bead. With major worry in his eyes, DW asks MH why she didn’t tell him about how she would die if he didn’t return the bead to her after the 100 days. DW says he’s already worried since she’s going through so much pain each time she loses a tail.

Another direct translation… because it’s so heartbreaking!

DW: I wondered why you didn’t tell me something as important as that. And was about to feel sad thinking that perhaps, you didn’t fully trust me yet, but I didn’t feel sad because I know that you trust me no matter what, right?
MH: Yes, I trust you.
DW: I’m going to take good care of it and after the 100 days will return the bead back to you.
MH: [crying] Of course you would do that…
DW: What’s wrong?
MH: I’m just so happy. Because I like you so much… I’m crying.
DW: When I’m by your side, you don’t hurt, and so from now on, I will never leave your side. Let’s remain together from here on.
MH: Let’s remain together.
DW: [places MH’s hand on his chest/bead] I will take care of/protect you.
MH: Me too. I will take care of/protect you.

EPISODE ENDS! OMG. So heartbreaking. DW has no clue that he himself will die if he gives MH the bead. And MH can’t even tell him that fact to save his life because she knows now how much DW loves her and how he would probably choose to die so that she could live! And now it looks like MH is contemplating taking her life so DW can live. Agh, so sad. And I’d like to blame evil Vet for all this. I really despise him now!

Please let next week’s back to back episodes 13 and 14 not be too heartbreaking!

Newest OST track: Seunggi’s new OST song, I Love You From Now On

Preview for this ep: The Kiss + EP 12 Preview (Eng subs)

RECAP from previous ep: TV Ratings/Recap 11 (Sept 15, 2010)

MORE SCREENCAPS from Sunday’s rerun HERE.

Follow FULL EPISODE RECAPS posted later at Dramabeans.


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ~~ Fighting!!!

(credit: screencaps ~ BlogMe)

September 15, 2010 (Ep 11)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 45.3% (Seoul = 44.2%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.8% (Seoul = 12.2%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.0% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 46.5% (Seoul = 44.5%)
9- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.0% (Seoul = 12.8%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 9, 2010 (Ep 10)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.7% (Seoul = 44.5%)
14- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.3% (Seoul = 11.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.4% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 48.2% (Seoul = 46.4%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.3% (Seoul = 12.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 8, 2010 (Ep 9)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.3% (Seoul = 43.2%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.8% (Seoul = 11.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.5% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 47.5% (Seoul = 47.0%)
9- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.2% (Seoul = 12.8%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 2, 2010 (Ep 8.)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 45.0% (Seoul = 46.1%)
13- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.0% (Seoul = 12.4%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.7% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 48.4% (Seoul = 47.2%)
12- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.4% (Seoul = 13.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 1, 2010 (Ep 7)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.0% (Seoul = 44.4%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.9% (Seoul = 13.3%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.5% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 45.8% (Seoul = 44.9%)
9- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.4% (Seoul = 13.4%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

August 26, 2010 (Ep 6)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 41.9% (Seoul = 41.9%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.2% (Seoul = 11.7%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.3% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.7% (Seoul = 44.2%)
8- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.2% (Seoul = 14.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 25, 2010 (Ep 5)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.6% (Seoul = 44.6%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.9% (Seoul = 11.2%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.1% (Seoul = 44.1%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.0% (Seoul = 14.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 19, 2010 (Ep 4)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.3% (Seoul = 41.9%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.0% (Seoul = 12.6%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.7% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.7% (Seoul = 42.9%)
7- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.1% (Seoul = 14.0%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 18, 2010 (Ep 3)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 41.9% (Seoul = 42.4%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.4% (Seoul = 11.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.6%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.0% (Seoul = 42.6%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.6% (Seoul = 14.9%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 12, 2010 (Ep 2)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.6% (Seoul = 43.9%)
12- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.8% (Seoul = 11.7%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.6% (Seoul = 43.8%)
8- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.6% (Seoul = 13.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 11, 2010 (Ep 1)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.3% (Seoul = 42.4%)
13- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.2% (Seoul = 10.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.9%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.9% (Seoul = 44.0%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.7% (Seoul = 13.0%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 5, 2010

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 40.5% (Seoul = 40.2%)
17- Bad Guy [SBS] = 8.4% (Seoul = 9.6%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.3% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.4% (Seoul = 44.0%)
11- Bad Guy [SBS] = 9.3% (Seoul = 9.4%)
* Road Number One [MBC] (not in top 20)

August 4, 2010

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 39.5% (Seoul = 39.8%)
* Bad Guy [SBS] = 7.5% (not in top 20)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.5% (Seoul = 42.3%)
12- Bad Guy [SBS] = 8.8% (Seoul = 8.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] (not in top 20)

8 Responses

  1. wow anne! thank you so much for the all the details! i watched it raw but didn’t understand a lot of the stuff they’re saying.

    i don’t want daewoong or miho to die. Noooo! and i want them together.

    me too. i think dongjoo teacher is going to be a bad guy!

  2. seunggi oppa so cute! im so jealous of shin min ah. wahhhhh. i like this kiss more than hwan and go eunsungs.

  3. omg, can’t this series not end?! will never have enough of miho and daewoong!!!

  4. Ann your recap posting is later than usual. I assume is because of the long recap hehe! Anyway, I was already teary when I watched live yesterday. And while walking to my office, I read your recap on my phone, I was teary again. Gosh! it was so embarrassing. Anyway, how come I got this strong feeling that it is going to be a happy ending. And the hint seems to be the “mating”. The vet keep reminding MH not to mate with DW. MH plan after 100 days is to mate then marriage.

  5. the cuteness overload in the beginning had me squee-ing with glee this morning..good thing no one was home to hear me giggle like a crazy person..
    But then Angst came knocking on the door and my heart just sank like a rock for the last part of the ep. Its so heartbreaking and watching it made me cry T__T

  6. thanks thanks… im totally into this

  7. Thank you very much Ann for the recap and translations. You don’t only love LSG but u also love his international fans by taking your precious time to do this :-). You’re an angel!

    Well, I don’t care about the rating anymore (but for Seung Gi’s sake, I wish for a higher rating, of course) What’s important to me is that, Lee Seung Gi’s acting has improved tremendously on MGIG compared to BL. Just the kissing scene alone, it’s very far from BL’s kissing scene!!! In addition, the actors and overall drama are effective in stirring emotions of viewers.

    Obviously, majority of drama viewers do not really go for fiction. Another thing is, BKK has already established it’s viewership rating way before MGIG had its premiere! It’s understandable that viewers of BKK have invested so much time in watching already and that they will not just shift to another drama no matter how good it is. Drama is not like consumable goods that consumers will just shift brand anytime. Once viewers’ emotion has been stirred by the drama, then they stick with it. That’s what happened to BKK. Also, I’m not so sure if the ending of BKK has effect to MGIG’s rating because viewers of BKK had not started watching MGIG, hence, there’s a chance that they go for the next KBS drama and start with it. Though I have a feeling that some may watch MGIG specially those BKK viewers who have been watching MGIG rerun. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that rating next week will be higher!

    BTW, LSG’s latest OST single “I Love You From Now On” is daebak! I keep replaying it since yesterday. I really love LSG’s voice/vocals in this pop ballad. I hope to hear more of this kind from him.

  8. i love my girlfriend is gumiho, that girl beautyfull

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