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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Kiss + EP 12 Preview (EngSubs)

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

Daewoong-Miho Kiss Scene & Thursday’s Ep 12 Preview (Eng subs)

(cr: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld; Airen fancafe) Thx all Airen fans!


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7 Responses

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! thanks for the clip!!!! omo!!!! that was sooo awesome!!! awwwwwwh :D

  2. Ann,Thanks for the translation.sweet kiss scene ^^
    can’t wait for next ep ~~

  3. 16 episodes seem too short now. Just afraid that they will rush the ending, like those Hong Kong Drama, where everything ends with a bang on the last episode and you would go ‘huh’ ?
    Maybe it is bcos we want more episodes of the cute & sweet couple, since they are totally open and into each other now.

  4. Hoi Hoi

    [Eng] 100915 MGIG – Kiss Scene + Previews EP.12

    Enjoy :)


  5. Hello ! I wonderinng when the ep 12’s comming ?? Gosh I love this drama so much that I cant calm down haha ! Thanks to u who can the answer :)^^

    • I’m not watching with Eng subs so i’m not sure. But i heard they were a little delayed at Viikii last time. but you should be able to catch it there soon. check the soompi MGIG thread.

  6. i really love it..seung gi is really a cool guy…i want more!!!!

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