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♥ ♥ ♥ Hoi Hoi couple beautiful kiss preview photo! ♥ ♥ ♥

*** UPDATE~ Watch the beautiful Daewoong-Miho kiss at this DClsg post. OMG!! ***
So sweet and perfect! And that sounds like Seunggi’s new OST song playing!

OMG! Daewoong and Miho look so beautiful. Makes me want to cry…

(cr: Morning News)

21 Responses

  1. aaaaaaa—————-very nice,want to see this kiss soon.Can`t wait————

    I can’t wait! i can’t believe it!
    seunggi looks sooooo good! wahhhh.

  3. YES!!! i’m going to watch live tonight by hook or by crook!!!!!!


  5. Oh no! I need to turn on my computer 2 hours earlier now. Everyone will be fighting for the bandwidth.

  6. OMG! Finally. Gooooooooooood…
    All the 1n2d members are going to tease LSGi endlessly about this……..

  7. o h m y
    could not wait for this ep
    hope the kiss turn out well

  8. lol ann, rarely i see u use heart icon like that
    we’re all excited dont we!?! they better really kiss!! and a good kiss at that too ^^

  9. wahhhh…omg..they look really beautiful..
    n hopefully their kiss also full of beauty=)))

  10. owh!when will be the kiss?ep 11 or 12?ohhh!! i surely cant wait anymore longer!

  11. omo!!! *squeals like crazy!!! kekeke^0^

    i hope this is a true kiss and not a product of dae woong or miho’s imagination. but whether imaginary or not…they’ll still have to do the kiss!!! wahhhhhhh!!! so excited!!! can’t wait to see it…all the guys will really envy seunggi after this ep airs…kekeke! ^0^

    @singar: i agree! his friends from 1n2d will surely tease him endlessly especially kang ho dong…kekeke! ^0^

  12. scoreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. YEY! OMG! I’ve been waiting for this. I just hope that it’s real. I mean, not just MH or DW imagination. But still, they did it. :)

    I also wish that they wont get interrupted by Grandpa, or Hye In. HAHAHA :)

    YEAH! He’ll be teased in 1N2D and maybe in Strong Heart. Because of Kang Ho Dong! :)

  14. hmmmm maybe “deep kiss” seunggi was asked about on strong heart was kiss he had with miho! OMO! when hodong asked seunggi the question he said i heard you just did kiss scene with minah.

    i still dont think he was talkin bout an x girlfriend, but about his music vid partners and drama partners… like hyo joo and minah.

  15. omo omo omo..I can’t wait to watch it..too bad it airs when I’m at work…time differences be damned..waaahh. *breathes into bag.

  16. OMG! The kiss was so awesome. I watched it already. DAMN IT. It was my first time to watch a drama without subs. HAHA :) GOSH. I watched it live.

  17. a nice kiss scene by Seung Gi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it was very nicely done… Daewoong holding Miho’s hand while kissing her… and then stroke her hair……. omg, i like it!!!!

    watch it, you will like it very much too!

  18. omg, i can’t wait any more

  19. but why don’t i see this scene in ep 11 preview?,

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