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Seunggi expected at 2010 Seoul Drama Awards today

*** UPDATED with info about Seunggi’s scheduled award time ***

(cr: dclsg~ 2009 KBS Ent Awards; 2009 CF Awards; 2009 SBS Drama Awards)

Seunggi is expected at the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards to receive his Best Star Award for his Brilliant Legacy role.  The 4 actors OR actresses that received the highest number of online votes, representing different Asian countries, will get this award. Glad that Airen fans voted tirelessly for Seunggi, and that as we expected, he will be the sole actor representing Korea for this award!

Per the final vote tally, Seunggi dominated with 115, 108 total votes.  Kudos to all the Airen fans around the world!  I’m sure Seunggi is really happy to know that he has such caring and devoted fans.

The event will be at KBS Hall and broadcast on MBC.  It’s a long event and so I’m assuming Seunggi will probably arrive around the time his award is to be given out.

Looking forward to the photos of Seunggi in a suit! (with some anxiety. LOL.) :)

Just two small requests:

1) Cody~ Please please please…. simple classic fitted suit with flat ironed hair.

2) Seunggi~ As it is an international event, might we hear a “thank you” in English?

Congrats Seunggi!!! ^___^

*** UPDATED with info about Seunggi’s scheduled award time ***

Per a DClsg post from a fan currently at KBS Hall~

According to the schedule, the popularity Best Star Awards are scheduled to be given out near the end of Part 2 of the event, before the Daesang Awards. So looks like we probably won’t see any photos of Seunggi on the red carpet, and will have to wait for the press photos much later on.

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