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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, TV Ratings/Recap 10 (Sept 9, 2010)

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September 9, 2010 (Ep 10)

Dramas airing at the same 9:55 time slot are listed below.
Number in front of drama indicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs.

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.7% (Seoul = 44.5%)
14- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.3% (Seoul = 11.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.4% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 48.2% (Seoul = 46.4%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.3% (Seoul = 12.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

(sources: AGB Nielsen; TNS Media; TV Daily)

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I’m still in shock over how Ep 10 ended! It was obvious that Noona was going to make the moves on Daewoong at some point, but totally did not expect that!! How dare she man-handle our Seunggi like that???  And at that, against his own will!!! I feel sort of bad for Park Su Jin the actress because there are a lot of upset fans who are having trouble seeing evil Noona as simply an actress!  Ok, more on that later…

Per usual, Woong-ah related highlights~

Getting the greenlight from the doctor and Grandpa, a healthy Daewoong returns to the apt to cook lunch for Miho.  MH calls and DW jokingly tells her that he doesn’t miss her at all.  Naive MH takes that at face value and tells DW that she has to disappear but will be back for her bead. DW is furious. He can’t believe that MH’s going to leave him and he is mad! Madly in love of course! LOL. He tells her not to move and runs to the hospital for her…

MH doesn’t want to leave DW, but Noona made her promise that she’ll disappear.  Or else Noona will spread the word that MH is some strange monster. MH runs into DW’s 2 friends and quickly eats lunch and says she has to disappear.  She walks aimlessly trying to figure out where to run away to when Grandpa and Aunt drive up along the side of the road.

Grandpa apologizes to MH about what happened before (thinking that MH was making DW act while still hurt) and brings MH to his home for lunch. MH eats everything placed in front of her.  Aunt is shocked. Grandpa just loves it! They send MH off with a bunch of food to cook for DW. Knowing that she has to leave DW’s side, MH returns back to the apt all lifeless and sad.

In the meantime, DW finds his friends and they tell him that Noona asked them to bring MH to the hospital to get examined.  And they don’t know what happened afterwards.  An upset DW meets up with Noona.  She says that MH chose to disappear. She shows DW a fuzzy photo of one of MH’s tails from the camcorder and asks DW to confirm that MH is not human. He doesn’t answer. Noona says it’s good riddance that monster MH decided to flee away from DW…

To Noona’s shocking surprise, DW says that MH is not a monster nor is she bad.  And that MH would never choose on her own to leave his side. Aw DW! He tells Noona to leave MH alone and walks off.  Noona is totally peeved!  It starts to rain really hard.  Realizing that MH must be crying a lot, DW tries calling her multiple times. MH finally picks up.

DW tells MH that he doesn’t have an umbrella so she has to stop crying. But MH can’t control herself.  So finally, DW stutters and says: “I miss you.”  But then forcefully adds, “I miss you to death!” This makes MH stop crying immediately. Aw.

After hearing DW say he misses her, MH has newfound hope and decides there’s no way she’s leaving DW and so she’ll just have to deal with Noona no matter what.

MH goes to confront Noona and spooks her out with all her crazy supernatural powers. But then MH gets all naive and pleads with Noona to let her stay by DW.  MH tells Noona about the bead. (ugh! I feel like Hong Sisters are making MH too naive now; she’s sometimes super sharp and aware and then all of a sudden clueless. Doesn’t balance out sometimes).

Noona says she’ll keep quiet, but MH has to do whatever Noona asks of her.  So evil Noona brings MH to meet the movie Director.  Director is thrilled to finally meet MH and wants to cast her for the lead role.  But per Noona’s demands, MH says she’s too shy and can only do the action scenes; further, only Noona must play her acting part. Having no choice, Director agrees to this.

DW finds MH together with Noona and is pissed off. He grabs MH’s hand and they walk off. But then Noona reveals that MH told her about the bead and so she can see why DW needs MH by his side. Noona says she’s only using MH in the same way DW is… Ouch. Harsh words.

DW feels really bad towards MH.  He tells MH he’s really really sorry for everything to which MH says she’s sorry too for threatening him when they first met.  They both say sorry. Very sweet scene…

To lighten the mood, DW gives MH some acting tips so that she doesn’t make anyone suspicious of her supernatural strength.  Too bad DW has no clue that MH’s slowly losing her strength.  DW says MH needs to pretend like she’s tired during the stunts so as not to get caught… very cute.

They go back home and DW and MH  go over the script together.  They realize there are some romantic scenes and jealous DW reminds MH that she’s only doing the action/stunt scenes so not to worry about those things and quickly skips over that part. Jealous DW is always cute…

MH suggests DW practice his scene then. DW starts reciting his lines which happen to be very moving, sad, and romantic…

As DW recites his script lines, he realizes that he’s falling for MH…

Touched by DW’s acting, MH gently hugs DW. This of course gets DW all confused again about his feelings…

The next day, they start filming prep at the action school.  MH puts on a clinic with her smooth action moves, while DW also shows off some serious skills.  It seems the other guys there took notice of MH too and come by to offer her some snacks. But jealous DW arrives just in time with MH’s favorite cider soda, and of course remembers to flash his couple ring to the 2 guys! Ha.

Side note – MH is really a guy’s dream girlfriend. She only has eyes for one guy (DW in this case). I love her character but at the same time, find that aspect a bit annoying. I know this is just fiction but still… what girl in this day and age could act that way and still walk around with any dignity?!

Ok, back to DW and MH.  While drinking their sodas, MH asks if DW feels burdened by her being around other people. DW is about to say it’s only because MH is so pretty but then stops and says something stupid instead.  Taking DW at his word, MH decides not to go to the after party.  Noona had told MH earlier on not to come, saying she was a burden to DW and his friends.

At the party, DW’s friend (Director’s daughter) gets drunk and tries to kiss DW. DW freaks out and blocks her just in time with a napkin piece of cuttlefish!  DW tells his best friend that he can’t kiss or have close interactions with other girls as it will seriously hurt MH. Noona overhears this and realizes that’s why DW was being so weird every time she tried to touch him way back when.

In the meantime, Vet takes MH shopping.  Vet tries to convince MH to leave DW after 100 days.  He thinks he can slowly win her over and away from DW in time.  (At first, the Vet kind of reminded me of my first love WonBin, but now No Min Woo feels just way too feminine looking and acting).

Ok, back to DW.  So MH returns back to the apt. DW is floored by how gorgeous she looks in her new fashionable outfit. MH realizes she left her bag and clothes in Vet’s car. DW is very very jealous! She says she borrowed the clothes from Park Sun Joo. DW freaks out, saying you even met Park Dong Joo’s (Vet’s) family! LOL.

Jealous DW tells MH that in the same way MH is not well when DW’s bead is close to another woman, when MH is with another guy, DW and his bead don’t feel well either. Ha. DW has learned a thing or two from MH!  DW says he especially doesn’t feel good when MH’s with the Vet. He says MH needs to keep a certain meter separation distance when seeing the Vet from now on!

Worried for DW, MH reaches out to check her bead and his chest.  DW pretends to be all sick and points to different parts of his chest that need MH’s healing hand! omg too cute. This drama definitely has tons of amazing skinship! LOL.

The next day, jealous DW shows up at the filming site to keep his eye on MH, and to of course support her too.  MH and Noona are in same outfits since MH plays Noona’s stuntwoman.  DW thinks Noona is MH and walks towards her calling out Miho…

She turns around and Noona goes in for the kill and kisses DW hard! OMG!

DW is completely livid!  He yells out asking her what she thinks she’s doing and at that moment, MH faints and falls from the elevated scaffolding area…

You see flashes of both DW and the Vet look up.  And that’s how the ep ends! OMG!

Agh, have to wait to see what happens!  I can’t believe Noona grabbed Woong and kissed him like that? Sure I’m pissed that this means that this ended up hurting Miho, but more importantly, how dare evil Noona manhandle our Seunggi like that and give him such an unwanted kiss??!!! Pure evil!

I’m so curious to find out who will end up saving Miho??!!  Daewoong or the Vet??!!

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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho ~~ Fighting!!!

(credit: screencaps/gifs ~ BlogMe; Naverblog; BlogMe; DClsg)

September 8, 2010 (Ep 9)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.3% (Seoul = 43.2%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.8% (Seoul = 11.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.5% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 47.5% (Seoul = 47.0%)
9- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.2% (Seoul = 12.8%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 2, 2010 (Ep 8.)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 45.0% (Seoul = 46.1%)
13- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.0% (Seoul = 12.4%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.7% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 48.4% (Seoul = 47.2%)
12- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.4% (Seoul = 13.6%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

September 1, 2010 (Ep 7)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.0% (Seoul = 44.4%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.9% (Seoul = 13.3%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = 3.5% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 45.8% (Seoul = 44.9%)
9- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 13.4% (Seoul = 13.4%)
* Playful Kiss [MBC] = not in top 20

August 26, 2010 (Ep 6)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 41.9% (Seoul = 41.9%)
11- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.2% (Seoul = 11.7%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.3% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.7% (Seoul = 44.2%)
8- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.2% (Seoul = 14.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 25, 2010 (Ep 5)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.6% (Seoul = 44.6%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.9% (Seoul = 11.2%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.1% (Seoul = 44.1%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.0% (Seoul = 14.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 19, 2010 (Ep 4)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.3% (Seoul = 41.9%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.0% (Seoul = 12.6%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.7% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 43.7% (Seoul = 42.9%)
7- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.1% (Seoul = 14.0%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 18, 2010 (Ep 3)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 41.9% (Seoul = 42.4%)
10- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 11.4% (Seoul = 11.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.6%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.0% (Seoul = 42.6%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 14.6% (Seoul = 14.9%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 12, 2010 (Ep 2)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.6% (Seoul = 43.9%)
12- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.8% (Seoul = 11.7%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.6% (Seoul = 43.8%)
8- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.6% (Seoul = 13.1%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 11, 2010 (Ep 1)

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.3% (Seoul = 42.4%)
13- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 10.2% (Seoul = 10.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 4.9%

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.9% (Seoul = 44.0%)
6- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [SBS] = 12.7% (Seoul = 13.0%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = not in top 20

August 5, 2010

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 40.5% (Seoul = 40.2%)
17- Bad Guy [SBS] = 8.4% (Seoul = 9.6%)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.3% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 44.4% (Seoul = 44.0%)
11- Bad Guy [SBS] = 9.3% (Seoul = 9.4%)
* Road Number One [MBC] (not in top 20)

August 4, 2010

AGB Nielsen
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 39.5% (Seoul = 39.8%)
* Bad Guy [SBS] = 7.5% (not in top 20)
* Road Number One [MBC] = 5.2% (not in top 20)

TNS Media
1- Baker King, Kim Tak Goo [KBS] = 42.5% (Seoul = 42.3%)
12- Bad Guy [SBS] = 8.8% (Seoul = 8.8%)
* Road Number One [MBC] (not in top 20)

11 Responses

  1. i am so hating you know who right now!!!!
    hyein is pure evil!!!!!

  2. aww thank you. I love your seunggi centric recaps…hahah i wish the episode was just dae woong-ah all the time. soo cute :).

  3. Omg, the gifs! I love it! Thanks for this…how time flies…just 6 more episodes to go…will our gumiho princess have a happy ending with our beloved prince?

  4. omo at the end make me shocked :(
    I hope this drama has happy ending, I doubt that

  5. Ann, once again thks for the recap and the ratings. Because of our time diff. your blog is the first site I will visit first thing in the morning :)

    Regarding NMW, I can’t agree wif u more. In fact my niece and myself felt the same from ep.1. Not being baised here. And ep.10 said it all.
    Of any o

  6. now i’m starting to hate the evil more and more!! why she’s so desprate to kiss dae woong? hate her…

  7. the thing that Dae woong used to cover his mouth when the director’s daughter wanted to kiss him at the party is actually cuttlefish…hahahahaha…

    see pic here…

  8. it was cuttlefish! ha. yeah i realized that after i read the dramabeans recap! omg. too funny. DW looked so freaked out.

    and omg, i totally loved how he got so incredibly crazily angry at noona after she force-kissed him!

    ok so i saw the re-watched the ep and i just can’t get over the scene (gif above) where DW pretends that his chest hurts! so cute! DW and MH need to kiss already! ha ha ha. i’ve said this before, as a seunggi fan, i’d be so hating MH, but shin min ah is so freaking loveable, I heart her too! plus, MinAh noona in real life has been so sweet to our seunggi

    ok so when re-watching, there’s no way that DW saves MH. it’s possible that Vet saves her. or i think it’s possible that she get seriously hurt. maybe lands on some padding laid out on the ground? but def by the time she’s halfway down, DW turns around. so wish MGIG could get an extension but prob no way that’ll happen… unless the ratings all of a sudden start magically going up, which is prob unlikely.

    on a side note, am i the only person that’s feeling totally bad for PK? I watched ep 1 and 2 and was not into it all; wasn’t my thing. but i feel so badly for KHJ and the cast and crew and their fans about the rating…

    • For me, i’m suprisingly liking the PK first 2 ep..but now I cant bring myself to watch the next ep…cuz I have mixed feeling if I have to watch the whole 3 series, im also watching tak gu right now just bcoz it have such great story line, as for MGIG, I don’t know but im kinda dragging my feet to watch the drama right now..mybe coz I don’t fully understand it but still, I kinda enjoy it, the aunt and director scene always cracks me up.. maybe i’m just not a fan of SMA, cuz all of the image that I have of her watching her drama “a love to kill”, her CF and movies…I prefer HHJ and also MCW to be LSG partner..I also love to fantasize about what the drama feels like if the actress cast had have been of the actress like SSK and others…im a fan of Hong Soo Ah..can see her too in the role..LOL, for the record, this is only my opinion about the drama..I want to be true to myself to see if the drama is good but since theres many greeat reviews about MGIG..I guess its only me…and a few other ppl…^o^

      • haha..the same with you..^^
        I’m not a fan of SMA too..
        coz all my favorite actors are paired up with her..
        JooJiHoon, Rain, WonBin, and now Seunggi..

        ow..gosh..she takes all my men..TT_TT”

  9. haha loving this drama, ratings are good as well, on side note watch ep 3 and 4 of playful kiss is was really cute as well, esp ep 4 . can’t believe there rating are so low hope fully MGIG will keep it’s rating up

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