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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, EP 10 Preview (Eng subs)

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

Thursday’s Ep 10 Preview

(cr: rapport 2010) Thx rapport. DM finally “processed” the video! Hoi Hoi!

Yay. Miho won’t really disappear! Can’t wait for Noona-Miho showdown!
Hope the Vet doesn’t screw things up between Daewoong and Miho!
Can’t wait for Thursday night’s episode!

RATINGS & RECAP from previous ep:

RATINGS & RECAPS from last week:

More SCREENCAPS & GIFS from last week:

Episode 9 Preview from last week:

4 Responses

  1. Ann,you’re the best~~thanks for the translation. ^^

  2. Hi ann
    Thank you for the translation

    [Eng]MGIG – Previews EP.10

    Note: it’s still “Publish in progress”
    (Dm is taking forever for progressing ………..sigh!!!)

    • it looks like DM wasn’t working? i know you’re planning to delete this YT version soon after, so i’ll use the DM one by then (if it finally gets processed!) or just wait until it gets processed.

      thx rapport! hoi hoi! :)

      oh also, you might want to mark as unlisted. that seems to help for a bit!

      • Hoi Hoi
        Sorry to say DM is still not working :(
        Even now it still “Publish in progress”
        Let see what will happen tomorrow.

        Oh ! I will delete YT link after I post this .

        MGIG Fighting!!!!
        Ann Fighting!!!! :)

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