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Cooking Seunggi, Chung Jung Won CF making/Photoblog

Loved their recent cooking Seunggi CF, and now the Making Of video is out…

(cr: leeseuggi01)

Already mentioned before, Chung Jung Won is also a female name. That’s why the male endorsement models talk to a female voice named Jung Won in the CFs.  The Chung Jung Won blog is also written by a JungWon-sshi. LOL. Very cute photo blog entry about a cooking Seunggi in his recent CF (English translation of captions)…

Everyone has been well right?
It’s Jung Won-ee.

A very cool Seunggi appears on a lot of tv CFs these days right?
Out of all of those ~~If I had to choose my favorite ~~
Of course, I like the Chung Jung Won CF best!!!!

It’s just that Seunggi is so cute and charming~~
He He. Please bear with me!

Also for a person like me who only loved cooking, I have a new hobby~
This is Seunggi’s drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~
As expected~ a very cool Seunggi ~ always capturing the hearts of women with his charms wherever he goes! Good!

Since you’re visiting Jungwon-ee’s blog, how about we have a special time together?!
I’ve prepared a special present ~ Please anticipate!

Good singer Seunggi! Singing the Chung Jung Won nude song along with his guitar.
Isn’t the melody great?

The start of a specially prepared dish from Seunggi.
Wish it was a dish that was being prepared for JungWon-ee.

Even though he’s still a bit clumsy,
seeing his hardworking attitude is just lovely isn’t it?

JungWon-ee would like to teach him to cook everyday…
Now the dish has been fully completed!!!

JungWon-ee can’t help but to fall again for that bright laughing million dollar smile~

Seeing such a delicious dish~ it makes me open my mouth too. Ah, I’m hungry.
Now, together along with Seunggi~
Fall in love with Chung Jung Won’s cooking charms

Everyone why not try cooking for someone you love today!

Translated from ~ Chung Jung Won’s blog ~ Seunggi CF post

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  1. i love his expressions… sooo cute!!~~

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