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Gem Miracle Diamond, The Saem CF, Making of, Ads

BTS Making of ~The Saem CF, Gem Miracle Diamond V Lifting Serum
Nice! Love love love the concept. Seeing all these Behind-the-Scenes Making of CF videos makes you realize why companies like to use actors for CFs; it’s like making a mini-movie.  Also, looks like he never met the girl in the CF! Too bad for the girl…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

The Saem CF, Gem Miracle Diamond V Lifting Serum (15 sec)
The Saem is already out with another dazzling CF. Loved The Saem CF 1.
Very hot! Seunggi really is the master of expressions! His eyes say everything…

(cr: tryp96 tumblr)

English translation (DClsg):
Men really like women. Women really like diamonds.
Diamonds brighten up a woman’s skin. Gem Miracle Diamond V Lifting Serum.

(cr: SportsChosun)

Love the look and feel of the CF…

(cr:screencaps as labeled)

Best part of cosmetics CFs – A lot more CF versions to cover all the different products; unlike other CFs where you’re basically selling one main product.  Yay for us! Loving the people behind The Saem CFs.  Can’t wait to see more.

Reminds me of the blinged out Zipel CF. SeungGi + diamonds  are perfect together.

The Saem website ~ www.thesaemcosmetic.com

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12 Responses

  1. I thought the girl was shin se kyung…but then again not…who is she? is it another model? just curious..^o^

  2. no way that’s SSK. the girl’s just some random chick.

    fyi — Fans in korea say The Saem store is like a seunggi mecca! ha. so anyone visiting Seoul should def visit the store. you even get a shopping bag w/ seunggi’s face on it!

    HA. add the Saem store to your lists of stops:
    -FUBU store
    -KB Bank atm
    -Samsung store
    -Kolon Sport store
    -Pizza Hut
    -any shopping store (Activia, Chung Jung Won, Sunkist, Perioe toothpaste)
    -and don’t forget to pick up some lottery tix that goes to help community/public service!

  3. I would say definitelly not Shin e Kyung, but then again who would not it for sure.

  4. she is beautiful and seung gi is handsome….that really matter……and not forgetting the awesome staffs behind the scenes..

  5. The Saem CF (30 sec) /w Eng Sub

    Enjoy :)

  6. Ann & rapport2010, thank you so very much for the Lee Seung Gi updates with Eng translation and subs. I do appreciate it very much.
    LSG is so gorgeous in this CF just like in the CFs of the 2 Seunggi refrigerators. Love it, love it! He’s handsome in all his CFs though :-)

  7. wow seunggi looks beautiful in that big new photo.

  8. Hi ann

    I got a message about this too(from YT), so to make it correctly

    need to go back to work now ^^

    Hoi Hoi :)

  9. the Saem CFs are being shown in all the subway stations in Seoul~ We can practically see Seung Gi everywhere we go~

    • You’re in Korea now?! Very cool! And you got the Seunggi The Saem shopping bag! according to the print ad~ Seunggi says his woman uses the serum! so good buy!

      Hope you can share more goodies and seunggi-related sightings while you’re there! :)

  10. For any LSG’s fans who are interested in buying any The Saem products, please visit us at koreanthings.com

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