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Street casual vs. Affluent preppy [FUBU vs Hanako Mag]

More Behind-the-Scenes pix from the FUBU fashion shoot.  This time from the pages of ASTA TV Magazine’s September edition with Seunggi looking like a mannequin…

Full page scans from the ASTATV Mag story:
Meet the new model for street casual brand FUBU.  Lee Seung Gi.

(cr: dclsg fan Dimple)

Compare/contrast to Seunggi’s recent Japanese Hanako Magazine layout…

(cr: Nani’s blog)

I like both looks, although I’d love to see a mash-up of the two styles and see Seunggi in modern chic fitted suits and sweater ensembles for the fall/winter.

I guess we get the more casual look on 1n2d and the more formal look on Strong Heart… as for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I am now very very hopeful after seeing previews of a dressed down Daewoong for Ep 9!

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