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Suncream Seunggi’s lovely travels, 8/29 1n2d cuts

LSG video cuts from 8/29 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video~ Lovely travels  with sun-cream protected lovely Seunggi

(LSG slathers on the suncream and is ready to hike!)
LSG: Doesn’t this convey a romanticism? Outfitted like this? Carrying a map. Like many Korean young adults in their 20s that trail through our country…
LSG: Shall we go? Putting aside being an entertainer, and for today, being a traveler. Simply a traveler.
(Trip title: Lovely travels with
Lovely young adult Seunggi)
LSG: Everyone, you are currently watching Lovely Young Adult Lee Seung Gi’s Lovely Travels documentary.
(caption: Trying to look cool… puahhhh!)

Video~ Excited Seunggi + KBS helicopter + Happy KimC hyung

(KBS helicopter finished filming KHD-EJW part when they found Seunggi…)
LSG: Helicopter! Helicopter-sshi! I’m Lee Seung Gi. Could you please film me too?! Aw, I really want to be filmed by a helicopter too.
KimC: Ah, they say that Seunggi is standing on that bridge way out there. We need to hurry up and find Seunggi. [Seunggi realizes he’s been spotted]. Can anyone see that far away? The awesome young man waving his hands… it’s Seunggi, right? Seunggi… It is you! Seunggi-yah, it’s hyung! I’m so happy to see you! ha ha ha.
LSG: Ohhhh! Wow! Can you see me?!
KimC: Lee Seung Gi, you’re excited huh?!
LSG: No, I’m not tired. Wow, KBS is really great! [laughter]
KimC: That’s right Seunggi-yah. Work hard like that to the end.
LSG: This is very cool. Fighting! Please drive carefully. [laughter]

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