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Seunggi received film script; only considering at this point

*** UPDATED with more from Hook ***

It was rumored a while back that Seunggi was reviewing a film script.  And there’s news out today that he is a strong candidate for the lead role(?).  However, Seunggi’s management has responded by saying that although it is true that he has received the script and is considering it, nothing has been finalized…

The film is titled “서부전선 이상없다” in Korean and translates into “All Quiet on the Western Front,” a 1979 American war drama movie of the same title.  But as most people know, Koreans love to name movies and dramas after existing American titles even though it may not be a remake or even closely related in content. LOL. To be fair, Korea’s not the only country that does this! This Korean movie will be war movie, but a comedy.

It looks like the film script comes from the same writer behind KBS drama Chuno and upcoming KBS drama Runaway/Fugitive.  A person associated with the film production indicated that although there are many strong actors in their 30s and 40s, there are far less actors in their 20s that stand out; and that there is strong interest that Lee Seung Gi could fill that void.

Hm, not sure how I feel about Seunggi starting his film career as the lead actor; let alone starting a film career already in general.  But who am I to say anything. I thought earlier rumoring indicated that he would be playing the role of a supporting actor.  Anyway, per usual, it’s probably best to just wait to hear the final word.  Unfortunately, Korean press is not the best source for accurate news these days.

*** UPDATED with more from Hook ***

Ok, now another report has Hook saying that it is true that Seunggi has received the script but because he’s been so busy filming his drama that he hasn’t even had a chance to review/consider it.  Further, following the drama, he will be busy preparing for a concert in November.

What??!! What type of management doesn’t even announce a concert when it’s only 2 months away?!  And I think it’s great that Hook wants to get Seunggi performing in a concert… but there’s already word that he’s doing too many things at once.  Hook, wouldn’t it be a good idea to give Seunggi a chance to be associated with doing one particular thing well (ie, acting) before moving him on to other things?

They’ve already lumped Seunggi in with Mickey Yoochun and Kim Hyunjoong as idol singers-turned actors and questioning this.  and by the way, since when was Seunggi an idol?!  He was already in 2 high profile dramas prior to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Hook, why not give the public some time to remember Actor Seunggi in their minds?  Also, what company only gives a singer a month or so to practice prior to a concert?!

Ok, no more updates on this until all this is final… Wow, no words for Captain Hook and her public relations strategies… again.

(via Hankook Ilbo; Star News; Newsen)

2 Responses

  1. What!!!!!!!! concert in November.
    They should change from Hook Ent. to No break Ent. “sigh”

    As I remember in the beginning of this year someone mentioned about (the rumor) Hook won’t release concert DVD from last year(Hope concert 2009) but they will have concert this year and will release concert DVD later.

    I thought they were kidding.
    Seriously, no break for LG at all. “sigh”

  2. Recently , I read alots of complaints about LSG very busy schedules with Hook and they give all kinds of names.. That was understandable cos we care and love LSG. But keep in mind…in the entertaintment circle, as an artist, he is not worry about his busy and packed schedules but infact he will be more worry if he do not have a busy schedule.

    Let have faith with Hook and be more optimistic in their thoughts. Trust them ….. and it’s always a happy ending.

    There is a saying…”Opportunity only knock once at your door”.

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