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LSG jumpropes again and again, 1n2d 8/22 cut

LSG video cut from 8/22 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video~ BokBulBok jumproping Seunggi (LSG cut compilation)

(First 2 mins- Endless jumproping LSG for BokBulBok; SeopSeopDang wins)
LSG: [Goodbye to OB team] Feels as if they’re being taken away as suspects!
LSG: Hyungs. Our SeopSeopDang. Everyone really suffered today.
MCM: Let’s do a good job through tomorrow.
SSD: 123 Fighting!
(LSG goes straight to sleep after jumproping 250+ times!)
EJW: Seunggi must be really tired. He’s even saying gibberish… And moaning while sleeping.
(Next morning)
LSG: Because I went right to sleep… It seemed like hyungs were doing something but I can’t remember anything.
LSG: How about we wash up for 10 minutes! Shouldn’t we at least freshen up and do the broadcast?
(SeopSeopDang loses the morning mission)
LSG: How will we get 50 points? (LSG jumpropes 30 times) Ok, that’s already 3 points. (more jumproping) We’ll have to sweat it out and then eat.
(SeopSeopDang finally puts up 50 pts and gets breakfast)
EJW: SeopSeopDang, let’s not forget today!
SSD: SeopSeopDang, Fighting!

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