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Professors and students on grad school Seunggi [video]

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

The uhm-chin-ah title is one of the highest compliments for any Korean, and even more prized for busy K-celebs.  And doing well in school is one of the key traits an uhm-chin-ah must possess!  Photos of Seunggi in his graduate class are still buzzed about and the topic of Student Seunggi seems to still fascinate people…

Entertainment show visits Seunggi’s graduate school (Eng subs):

(cr: rapport2010) Thx rapport!

SeungGi in class during his college days (?)…

(cr: naverblog)

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And because everyone seems to just love the idea of student Seunggii… One of my fave 1n2d specials. Aside from School Uniform Seunggi, love this special even more because it was KimC’s last filming with the guys…

Video/fancams and Photos of SeungGi from 1n2d student special:

8 Responses

  1. Thank you soo much for all the translations Ann!

    what does uhm-chin-ah exactly means actually?

    also, the photos have surfaced quite a long time ago already, i’m wondering why the news only talk about it now.. or have they talked about it before but mention it again this time. well, this talk never gets old anyway. since everyone just admires him for it. but really, how can he got such grade with him busying with so many other stuff. i feel so ashamed with me doing full time study yet couldnt score like that ~_~

    • uhm-mah = Mother
      chin-gu = Friend
      uhm-chin-ah = Mother’s friend’s son/daughter.

      korean parents are notorious for talking about the successes of their friends’ kids, and newspapers write about the scholarly achievements of students all the time. so uhm-chin-ah has become a popular word to describe someone as ideal in terms of studies, image, success, talents, personality. Fits Seunggi to a T, eh?! :)

      the news about seunggi is all over the news b/c SBS One night showed the above clip on yesterday night. and talking about people’s school lives, esp K-celebs, never seems to get old! lol.

  2. thanks Ann for the translation! I was so eager to know what were they saying. One of the reason I admire Seunggi so much is because at sure a young age, he is able to achieve so much. Yet he stay so humble and siincere.

  3. i don’t like the article subject.. it said Seung gi have A, B only?
    it’s embrassing..!! isn’t it AA+???
    this year he’s too busy with drama, CF 1n2d, strong heart

  4. His GPA is 3.50 [ in US 4.0 is the max.] that is excellent for a busy guy like him. He is a role model for my kids…I dont mean to compare his career with my kids but only about the grades. But I am proud and happy for my 3 three children for their achievements. Of course As is excellent but Bs is still good enough.

    So, Seung gi keep up your good grades and always believed in yourself. YOu can do it….

  5. His GPA of 3.50 is already impressive, given his very busy schedule. Another thing, his course (I believe) is International Trade & Commerce (that is if he continued with his undergrad course). I frequently read Korean celebs who have Drama & Performing Arts as their degree. Seung Gi’s course is perhaps more difficult than Drama & Performing Arts specially that it’s not related to his current work as a celebrity. I find him a very intelligent young man. Has he not been very busy, maybe he could have made it an honor graduate. His GPA is even far better than fulltime students’.

  6. Hoi Hoi

    Entertainment show visits Seunggi’s graduate school: w/ sub

    For those who can’t open DM, you can watch from here or download it.

    Enjoy :)

  7. Could you tell me the name of the song he sings at 0:04-0:08? I can ‘t remember the name of it for my life…

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