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Zipel Assak kimchi fridge CF & Making of (Aug 2010)

A year after his Assak debut, uhm-chin-ah Seunggi has returned for Samsung’s new Zipel Assak kimchi fridge.  What happened to summer-L.O.V.E. Seunggi all decked out in white and the earlier romantic-guy Seunggi?!  :(  But can’t deny that all those money-spending moms in Korea will probably rush out to get a new kimchi fridge after they see nation’s son Seunggi in this CF and hear him singing this new version of the assak kimchi song in such a cute way in the BTS Making video cut…

Behind-the-Scenes Making of CF:

(cr: leeseunggi01)

See the 20-sec version of CF and read what mom-hugging Seunggi says… Aw!

Assak kimchi fridge CF, 20-sec version:

(cr: leeseunggi01)

LSG: Wanting to say thanks because it tastes good.
Mom: If you eat it deliciously then mom is thankful.
Narrator: Having become stronger, the fridge has grasped the taste of kimchi.
LSG: Yah!  It definitely tastes good!  Mom, I love you!

Please Samsung Zipel ~ Give us more summer-L.O.V.E. and romantic-guy Seunggi and less of this mom-I-love-you Seunggi…

Uhm-chin-ah Seunggi (2009):

Summer L.O.V.E. Seunggi (July 2010):

Romantic Seunggi (March 2010):

Since the CFs are mainly about moving sales, I’m sure all the moms won’t be able to resist this mom-hugging Seunggi. In an interview, a Samsung rep said that both the Zipel fridge and Assak kimchi fridge sales have been popular as many of the buyers indicate that having the fridge at home is like bringing Seunggi home! LOL.

Also, what is up with Zipel?!  For Massimo Zucchi, he was serenading the fridge and now he’s hugging the kimchi fridge in this new Assak ad!!!!

(screencaps cr: naverblog)

2 Responses

  1. Don’t worry Ann. I think it depend on which model of the fridge he is promoting and the consumer he is targeting. I realize if it is this Assak kimchi fridge it ‘s always the cute, lovely Seunggi. But if it is the Zipel premium fridge, it will be the romantics guy seunggi. haha!

  2. I agree with eunice. Massimo Zucchi (forgive the spelling pls.) is posh and high-end, thus the market is different, that’s what I think. This one is more targeted for the mothers, as kimchi is prepared by moms. It’s basically a kimchi fridge, for the family.

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