Viewers fall in love with Lee Seung Gi’s varying charms

Source: Sportsworld via Nate
English translation:

Viewers fall in love with Lee Seung Gi’s varying charms

Lee Seung Gi is capturing the hearts of viewers through his varying charms on display in his drama.  Lee Seung Gi has tossed aside his well-known upstanding, model image in order to play the role of Cha Dae Woong in SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Lee Seung Gi gives off a masculine beauty feel by portraying dual charms as an immature grandson and showing great chemistry with Sung Dong Il, through his role as Cha Dae Woong who dreams of becoming a would-be action hero actor. Starting with this week’s episodes, the plan is for for Lee Seung Gi to transform into a more sad romanticist from hereon.

Despite national drama Baker King’s stronghold, currently Lee Seung Gi’s drama has reached close to 15% viewership ratings, showing once again his box office/ratings strength.

As Cha Dae Woong becomes Mi Ho’s (Shin Min Ah) boyfriend and shows his sentimental and tender charms, they hope to to gain tv viewership ratings momentum starting with this week’s episodes.


I know a lot of us want to see a happy ending… like how could lovable Hoi-Hoi couple DaeWoong and MiHo not be together in the end?! But as Seunggi already forewarned everyone during the drama press conference, the episodes will slowly progress into a much more melo and sad story. :(

And despite how much I want a super duper happy hoi hoi couple, I so can’t wait to see Actor SeungGi transform from immature, insensitive Daewoong into a more charismatic, romantic, and profound boyfriend!  Further, light comedy is good, but whether you like it or not, sad and torturing storylines make a drama more credible and respected.

I’m still holding out that it may be similar to Hong Sisters My Girl (one of my fave dramas) where it became incredibly sad towards the latter episodes but bounced back with a sensible, believable, and happy ending. I hope so!

6 Responses

  1. Yes, please. End with a believable, and happy ending!

  2. SeungGi fighting!!hope happy ending

  3. Also, hope that DW’s hairstyle wil improve with each episode. This is one of the most enjoyable k drama for me.

  4. i really hope MGIG will have a happy ending…even if it will have sad and torturing moments during its last few episodes but still it would be nice if there will a happy rebound in the end just like what happened to ‘My Girl’ and ‘My Sassy Girl Choon Hyang’…^_^

  5. Thanks Ann for translating this article.

    DW is such a sweetheart in Ep7. my sister who never watch/like kdrama keep clapping her hand watching this episode (raw video i tell u) and when it ended she asked, is there an episode tomorrow? i said yes, twice a week. she went ‘yay!’ LOL

    i’m suprisingly not worrying over the ending once MGIG started broadcast. but of course i do hope for a happy ending. but so far, the episodes are just so good and have a well balanced of cute, funny n sad scenes, i just sit back n enjoy watching.

    Congrats to MGIG for being able to maintain its rating without being affected by PK premiere.

    MGIG fighting! Seunggi fighting!
    i’m loving CDW soo much! especially after the recent episodes <3

  6. Capture by him too…

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