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Singer-Actors Seunggi, Hyunjoong, Mickey Yoochun

In addition to the Wednesday-Thursday drama slot buzz (Seunggi for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho; Hyunjoong for Playful Kiss; and Yoon ShiYoon for Baker King), fellow 1986er Micky Yoochun has been thrown in the anticipation mix. Although Micky’s drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal is on Monday-Tuesdays, because it’s on KBS and he’s also a singer-actor, there’s a lot of interest at how all 3 dramas will play out against one another.  Further, all 3 guys are singing OST tracks for their dramas…

It does seem sort of uncanny that all the guys are similar in age, and you can throw in a few other high profile guys into that mix as well.  However, Seunggi has the most acting experience of the 3, and he is definitely not your typical kpop idol! LOL.

Micky’s drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal premiered on Monday, following KBS Gumiho’s Revenge drama.  Gumiho’s Revenge ended last week with a ratings of 12.9% (AGB) and 16.1% (TNS Media), and performed pretty well considering the strong competition from MBC Dong Yi and SBS Giant.

However, it looks like Sungkyunkwan Scandal wasn’t able to retain those viewers.  It posted tv ratings of 6.3% (AGB Nielsen) and 7.7% (TNS Media) for its first episode.  Like Seunggi and Hyunjoong, Micky’s drama is not in an ideal time slot; further, all 3 are more trendy genre dramas with a younger target audience unlike their family-oriented, larger audience competitors.

But just to add more perspective to the strength of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s ratings, mainly for the crazies who still think the drama (despite its strong script and good acting) is going to achieve national drama status like Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy…

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho replaced Bad Guy, which ended with tv ratings of 8.4% (AGB) and 9.3% (TNS), and it managed to premiere with 10.2% (AGB) and 12.7% (TNS).  Thus, it was able to bring in more viewers, with its most recent episode resulting in an 11.2% (AGB) and 14.2% (TNS) ratings.

Also, although MBC drama Road Number 1 was floundering, together with KBS Baker King, they had over 47% (AGB) total viewership ratings, but My Girlfriend is a Gumiho still mustered a 10.2% (AGB) rating.

On the other hand, while MBC drama Dong Yi and SBS drama Giant also had over 47% (AGB) total viewership ratings, Sungkyunkwan Scandal premiered with a 6.3% (AGB) tv ratings, despite the double digit ratings of the drama it was replacing.

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2 Responses

  1. This ratings thing…makes me crazy sometimes! Sheesh, PK is premiering tomorrow…seems I wouldn’t get a good night’s sleep until I know how PK would affect MGIG viewership! The numbers for Baker King is so solid, MGIG wasn’t able to steal some viewers. So it will either be that PK will steal some MGIG audience (which I hope won’t happen!), or maybe it will just retain Road No. 1’s numbers. Anticipating! Gumiho fighting!

  2. you r soo right Gen wong..we just have to wait and see…huhuhu

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