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SDA 2010 announces Best Star Award winners

(cr: dclsg~ 2009 KBS Ent Awards; 2009 CF Awards; 2009 SBS Drama Awards)

Please Cody, let’s suit up, hairstyle, and makeup Seunggi in the above manner for the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards, and nothing like that craziness you were doing for the Baeksang Awards earlier this year!  I’m still not fully over what you were thinking for such a big event like the Baeksang!  The 2010 SDA is equally high-profile and maybe even more so since it’s an international affair, so let’s not screw it up Cody…

Top 4 Male and Female~ Final Vote Tally:

Although a voting popularity award, this is a really great opportunity for Seunggi in getting the award.  Congrats Seunggi!  He really had no chance in the actor category up against veteran Korean and international actors.  Unlike the Baeksang Awards, the SDA being international, of the 7 nominees for Male Actor Award, Lee Byung Hyun (Iris) is the sole Korean nominee; there are no Korean nominees for the Female Actress Award.  Kim Hyun Joong and Moon Geun Young got the voting Best Star Awards last year.

Hopefully Hook will schedule this event in for Seunggi.  I can’t imagine him not attending.  2010 SDA is scheduled for September 10, Friday at KBS Hall, and will be broadcast on MBC.  Not sure if it will be a live or taped event.  If Hook is forward thinking and strategic (we can only hope!), then they’ll prep SeungGi to say a few words in English for his acceptance speech!

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6 Responses

  1. Congratulation Seunggiyah!
    yeah ann, im crossing my fingers that his cody will not mess up this time..

  2. 10th sept??!!! good!!!!!!!!!!! for singaporeans & malaysians, it’s the best time!! it’s holiday on that day..!!

  3. Yay Seunggi, you deserve it!

  4. Congrats dear Seunggi .. you deserve it!! We support you!!!!! :)

  5. Congratulation dearest our seunggi

  6. best star award? isn’t this Best Actor award?

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