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Interview on the set of The Saem cf shoot [video]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed video ***

(original post, July 26)

Enterainment Relay interview with SeungGi on the set of The Saem CF shoot.
He talks about taking care of his skin, his chocolate abs, pressures of a model upright image, not liking horror movies, and his impressions of Shin MinAh.

(video: rapport2010; Eng subs: LSGfan)  Thx rapport!!!

The Saem CF played at the Launching Event…
Posting again because I just love it and can’t wait to see the official launch of ads!

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Photos of the first The Saem store (still under construction) to open in the super fancy and stylish ApGuJeong area of Seoul… Just loving the overall concept!

And photospam screen caps from the Entertainment Relay interview…
SeungGi, the master of expressions…

(Images: DClsg; As labeled)

Also, see more high-quality, large screencaps at 승기린’s blog post.

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5 Responses

  1. AH!! ><
    love you.!!

  2. i can’t wait to go korea again and to visit the store… hahaha…. must work hard this year so that next year i have $$ to go korea….

  3. what a witty guy he is!

    thanks for the video, Ann

  4. video belongs to newsairen (tryp96); I just provided the Eng translation. so thanks should go out to tryp for the vid! seunggi really is so smart and witty and he looks hot. did you all see his tailored, fitted suit for the CF?

    his cody seriously drives me nuts. how hard it is to put him in a decently fitted suit?! like for the same launching event — even though he looked great, what was up with the fit on his suit?!

    not sure who frustrates me more… Cody or Captain Hook?!

    everyone nees to check out the store when they visit korea… maybe fanboy revolu from soompi will stop in and take some pix to share with us! :)

  5. hi! at dclsg,they’re talking that SEUNG GI is now at NEW ZEALAND for KOLON shoot..

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