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Ideal college student Lee Seung Gi [Article]

Is there anything that Lee Seung Gi can’t do? A lot of A grades… Admired also by fellow college classmates

Source: DongA Ilbo
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

“The celebrity that people want to take home and introduce to their parents, #1.”  “The celebrity that seems like he would be good to their parents, #1.”   “The celebrity that probably didn’t cheat during his school days, #1.”

When one thinks of singer turned actor Lee Seung Gi, the first image that pops into one’s mind is “upright life.” And like those surveys/polls, the Lee Seung Gi that we think of is an “upright, sincere, smart, and nice” guy. If that’s the case, is that the type of image that Lee Seung Gi portrays outside of what we see on tv?

The people who have been closely by his side for a long time indicate that it is true. In particular, the many students that got to see Lee Seung Gi at DongGuk University also nod their heads in agreement.

As if to confirm this, there was tremendous online buzz when photos of Lee Seung Gi who had temporarily returned for classes were uploaded online and titled “Ordinary student at Dongguk University Graduate School.”

In May, photos of Lee Seung Gi in class listening to a lecture along with comments from fellow students in the class were uploaded to an online community portal site. The photos revealed Lee Seung Gi doing a presentation and another one talking with the professor. His manner of sitting quietly and listening to the lecture was not different from any of the other students.

According to one fan who had been in the same class: “Lee Seung Gi rarely missed class and also listened carefully during the lectures. His grades were mostly As and A+. He didn’t come off like a celebrity and his trustworthiness and model student feel was really great to see.”

Another fan added: “During college, I had been in the same English class with Lee Seung Gi, and he was never absent and also never late. And when presenting a report and other things, he always did it sincerely. Of course this is the way any student should approach their classes but in comparison to other celebrities, I really thought he was very sincere.”

Lee Seung Gi also garnered a lot of attention for graduating from Dongguk University in February of last year with a degree in international trade and commerce, and doing so without taking any leave time from school. According to a person from his management company, “Even though he had a very busy schedule during that time, he never missed any exams, reports, or assignments. And his grades were mostly As and Bs.”

According to a fellow graduate student, “Although I can’t personally vouch for his actual grades, I had heard from my professor that Lee Seung Gi was passionate and sincere towards his school work. I heard that his grades were very good.”

If that’s the case, then what does Lee Seung Gi think of his college days? On a May broadcast of SBS show Kang Shim Jang, Lee Seung Gi said, “I was a little disappointed that people did not approach me during my college days at DongGuk University.” There was a lot of buzz after Lee Seung Gi shared this. He added that “I heard that when alumni Jo In Sung had come to campus, everyone went crazy. However, it wasn’t to that degree when I went to school!”

On top of his work as a singer, Lee Seung Gi also has established a firm footing as an actor through dramas “Brilliant Legacy” and “Famous Princesses.” Also through his popularity on KBS “1 Night 2 Days,” his title as multi-entertainer has been solidified. Recently, there was also a lot of online buzz due to videos that showed his cool, muscular body, as well as him displaying great soccer skills.

Lately, there have been a lot of uhm-chin-ahs in the entertainment industry. However there aren’t that many “genuine uhm-chin-ahs” that have become “uhm-chin-ahs” through their own abilities/competence, rather than relying on family background or some inherited wealth. This is one of the main reasons that many programs want him to come on their shows, and why business companies have signed his valuable body for countless advertisements.

Lee Seung Gi is conquering the entertainment industry and doing so carefully and calmly without being too loud about it.  One fan commented, “Lee Seung Gi will be loved for a long time because of his kindness and his sincerity.”


I know SeungGi fans loves articles like this.  He really is quite an amazing guy and it just makes you admire him even more.  But at the same time, all the never-ending praising of SeungGi also make me a bit uneasy.  When it’s all good all the time, it’s hard to deal with the critical ones.  I hope SeungGi doesn’t take all this stuff too seriously.  I really get the sense that he and his family are so grounded, and that he just really likes what he’s doing right now and working hard at everything.  Seunggi~ Fighting!

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11 Responses

  1. thanks for translating this. yeah, which fan dont love their artist being praised keke. i’m encountering not so favourable comments about Seunggi elsewhere, so this kind of article always make me happy LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing this article, I hove seunggi still sincere and not over for anything what he have,,,,, FIGHTING

  3. thanks for the translation… it’s inevitable that there will be negative comments by others when there are so positive articles on him… there are bound to be antis somewhere somehow, though not many but there will still be people who are jealous of him..

    what touches me most is his attendance in school. how many celebrities do that like him? just look around and you will read articles of so and so celebrity A & B get kicked out of the school because his/her attendance in school is below the required %… who will believe that Seung Gi who is so busy multi-tasking can afford to attend his classes without fail? NOt only that, his grades/projects/presentation,etc proved that he really do it himself…

    it’s nice to hear from not just 1 or 2 person, but from professors (though it is from the student’s mouth) as well..

    just like the last person who commented that Seung Gi will be loved for a long time, i agreed with my 2 hands and legs!!! hahaha…..

  4. he is really a husband material, isn’t he? hhehe..just kidding..^^

    Tnx Lsgfan, I like reading all your articles about seunggi and news related to him.

    I think Seunggi has to say a big thanks to you, tryp96, and leeseunggiworld. Because of you all, we, international fans, can get a lot of information about him that make us feel closer to him and more more in love with him.

    as his fans, I’ll always try to look only at his works & what he has done so far. I don’t want to too drowning to his positive image because he is a human too.
    though it’s really hard for me to look at his works only since he has a beautiful personality in which I can’t help but to love it all..hehe..

  5. Thanks a lot 4 d translation ann..
    I think he’s the only one who was handsome with the brain=))))

  6. reading all these,makes me thinking of one thing..’Does LSG has any flaws/defects on him?’…he should..shouldnt he?..hahaha

    glad to hear all the praises that people gave to uri LSG I agreed with what u said Ann, but hope it doesnt put too much pressure on him. hope LSG keeps doing what he does best and always remember Seung gi sshi,that we r here for u no matter what..just remain as what u are and always shows ur tru colours! fighting!!!!!!!

  7. thanx ann…glad when reading this article..glad knowing seunggi put a lot of effort in his studies also..
    however, lately something keeps bothering me and make me feels sad whenever i read anything bout seunggi’s life and activities..people being praise him for all the thing he has done..i love that…seriously he is one in million..anniyo, one in billion if i could say…i really adore seunggi for his hardworking…but..nowdays..i really feel sorry for seunggi…he’s working like a machine…i wish that i could kidnap him for a while and take him to a place that he can have a peace of rest…i wonder if he has anyone to complain about his hardship..since i dont know when, i promise to myself not to ask seunggi to give his best effort..dont get me wrong, i just feel so bad for seunggi working like this..and i also feels that single effort from seunggi equivalent with 10 efforts of others..

  8. wow! with his hetic schedule, i really wonder how he copes. I’m studying and working at the same time and i’m falling apart.
    Ahhh! let me seek inspiration/motivation from Lee seung gi!!

  9. when i knew all this about him i admired his hard working , i’m studing my master now and i found it so hard to keep studing and working part time at the same time but after i knew about lsg busy scedual while he studing a felt a little shame of my self ^^
    if he can do it then i can too
    by the way i’m not a fan for lsg althugh that i like his voice , i’m just a huge fan for 2d1n and every single thing about it
    thank you

  10. you know, this article makes me want to have a lot of achievements in my life, there is always possibility, isn’t it? we can be a great artist, a clever student, a beautiful singer, a good citizen, and a very sincere people in the same time.
    and with the whole busy world that he have, i still can’t imagine that he still gave that warm dazzling smile for everything that he did

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