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SeungGi-MinAh, Gumiho’s $5 million CF couple

One of the top featured articles on Nate today.  This kind of CF and money news typically does not sit too well with netizens, but because the article makes clear that Seunggi has been active on so many fronts (variety, drama, singing), I’m sure there will be a lot of support/love.  I wish they also included something about SeungGi’s endorsement appointment as Honorary Ambassador for the Lottery Commission; but I guess that’s considered more public service.  Also, they didn’t include Activia on the list.  Maybe he’s not endorsing them anymore?

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Source: ISplus via Nate
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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’s Lee Seung Gi – Shin Min Ah. “$5 million” couple with a combined total of 17 CF products

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah, the two main leads for SBS My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, have garnered “daebak” popularity both within and outside the drama.  The August 25th episode recorded an 11.2% (AGB Nielsen) viewership rating.  Commonly referred to as “CF King and CF Queen,” the two have continued to receive many love calls.  Combined together, the two actors are currently endorsing 17 CF products.  The value is estimated to be over 60억원 (approximately $5 million USD).

Being acknowledged for their competence within the industry, the attention that Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah have received in the CF arena also makes sense.  Their active CF involvement stands out in comparison to other stars that may be in a slump in their field and only noted for their CFs.  Through active involvement in variety shows-drama-singing, Lee Seung Gi carries the designated title “Prince/Emperor.”  Until recently, Shin Min Ah was known more for her CF activities over her acting, but she is breaking out of this through her current participation in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Lee Seung Gi, 9 CF contracts. “Sincerity, humility, healthy image are his best strong points.”

Lee Seung Gi is currently active as a commerical model for 9 products.  Samsung Electronics Zipel Assak fridge; KB Bank Financial Group; Haitai Beverage Sunkist; Pizza Hut; The Saem; Kolon Sport; Chung Jung Won; FUBU clothing; Perioe toothpaste.  It is an all inclusive list that includes finance, electronics, beverages, and clothing apparel.  Because there are so many, there is also some talk that some review may be needed.

Recently, a contract renewal for a second year was signed with Samsung Electronics Zipel Assak fridge.  He was able to break through in an area where endorsement models had typically been female.  According to a Samsung representative, “Lee Seung Gi is very popular among 30-40 year female consumers that have a lot of purchasing power.  And has received a lot of attention for appealing to people of all ages from 10-50 years old.”

He has also attached himself to newly launched Korean beauty brand, The Saem.  As female models have typically been used to endorse beauty brands, this says a lot about the abundance of Lee Seung Gi’s stock.  According to a The Saem international representative, “Sincerity.  Humility. Healthy image.  In addition, he is a model assessed to give off a high sense of closeness and heartfeltness.  In launching our new brand, we felt that he was ideally suited for us.”

Last February, Lee Seung Gi was chosen by the Korean CM Association as the number one endorsement model.  He was also chosen as the number one model at the October 2009 Korean commerical endorsement awards.

Shin Min Ah. 8 CF contracts. “A body that does not need photoshop, Angel face.”

Shin Min Ah is currently active as a commerical model for 8 products. LG Electronics X notebook; KB Card; Raemian; Mise En Scene; Maxim T.O.P.; Hankook Tire; SI Clothing; Amore Pacific Lirokos.

[Shin Min Ah section not fully translated.]

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3 Responses

  1. I’m confused… there has been so many celebrities they’ve branding as cf queen like hwang jung-eum, snsd yoona, shin mina, kim yuna, lee na-young, lee hyori, son dambi and others. Exactly what are their criteria for labelling a person cf queen or king?

  2. Koreans love to give nicknames/titles for people, especially the press! a lot of times there’s no criteria. it makes things seem bigger news than it really is sometimes. with anything. another favorite they throw around a lot is referring to the person as “the current trend” — again, a way to butter up the celebs.

    yep. CF king and queen are thrown around and attached to anyone when someone feels like it! hwang jung eom, shin sae kyung, etc… they’ve been called that b/c they got a lot of cfs all at once. others like rain have been around a long time.

    the real criteria is based on the number of contracts they have, the prestige level of the companies, and the range of products. and also the effect that the cfs have on sales.

    Based on that, the real CF king and queen are Seunggi and Yuna. but Minah and other glamorous female stars (Kim Tae Hee, Han Ye Seul, Lee Na Young)… are considered CF queens b/c of their beauty and likeability, in addition to their number of cfs.

  3. It doesn’t matter actually.

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