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3 must qualities for finance/banking CF models [Article]

Making of Seunggi’s KB Financial Group CF (Nov 2009)

(credit: leeseunggi01)

The 3 “S” qualities necessary to be a finance/banking advertising model:
Smart. Sweet. Spirited.

Source: Seoul Newspaper
English: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Advertising expenses (Representative endorsement models) for the major finance/banking companies during the first half of the year:

The amount below IS NOT the amount the CF model earned, but the total amount the company spent on ADVERTISING EXPENSES.   Many of the companies have multiple models; only the main representative endorsement models were indicated.

  • Shin Han Card – $11 million – Kim Ha Neul
  • Samsung Life – $8.5 million – Rain
  • Samsung Card – $8.3 million – Hwang Jung Eom
  • WeeHwan Bank – $5.8 million – Lee Yong Pyo
  • Woori Securities Investment – $5.2 million – Octopus
  • Lotte Card – $4.9 million – Han Hyo Joo
  • Woori Bank – $4.6 million – Jang Dong Gun
  • HaNa Bank – $3.4 million – Kim Tae Hee
  • KB Financial Group – $3.1 million – Lee Seung Gi
  • Shin Han Financial Group – $2.2 million – Yoo Jae Suk
  • KB Bank – $1.3 million – Shin Min Ah

Finance/Banking marketing advertisements are completely changing. A singer in his early 20s as well as a gagman are also filming finance commercials.  The common code is Smart, Sweet, Spirited.  Reaping postive effects from this type of advertising, finance companies have already spent several hundred thousand (USD) to $10 million USD during the first 6 months of this year.

Appointing top stars that give off a smart and sweet feel

After promoting  23-year old singer Lee Seung Gi as its advertising model starting in November 2009, KB Financial Group reaped strong results in return.  Rather than a top star per se, the image of a younger person still developing was seen as most suitable.  The high probability of progressing into a hallyustar was also taken into consideration.  A KB Financial Group representative said, “After looking for a “rising star” that was on the road to great success, we started the contact process with Mr. Lee in May of last year” adding “we are very pleased with the advertising outcome, thus we are planning to renew the contract sometime next week.” Lee Seung Gi’s parents are also both former employees of KB Bank.

Shin Han Financial Group chose national gagman Yoo Jae Suk.  His high favorable image among men and women of all ages and his humor was a good match for the concept of a comical advertisement.  According to a Shin Han Financial Group representative, “The fact that he is one of only a handful of top stars with no “antis” was a key factor.”

Woori Bank’s  model is film actor Jang Dong Gun.  He has been active since April of last year.  A Woori Bank repesentative said that through Mr. Jang’s involvement, they received a presidential commemoration for their “Savings Day” event.

Seeking to shed a conservative industry image

Top model Kim Tae Hee has received the most love calls from finance companies.  Having debuted as finance model for KB Bank in 200o, Ms. Kim filmed an advertisement for BC Card in 2007 and until recently, was the main model for HaNa Bank.  According to one representative, “She is the most sought out model because of her beauty as well as her Seoul University ties as a former student and her image of living life rationally.”  Even Hyundai Card, known for not using big models, had also cast Kim Tae Hee 3 years ago.

Instead of engaging in a long-term contract exclusively with one model, Shin Han Card, ranked one in its industry, has signed 3-6 month contracts with girlgroup SNSD and Kim Ha Neul.  Per one ShinHan Card representative, “As Ms. Kim was the first one used for the S-More card , there is still a lot of interest because of that.”

Celebrities also obtain some “trustworthiness effect” as models

Lotte Card and Samsung Card have each put forth young, bubbly Hwang Jung Eom and Han Hyo Joo respectively as their models.  KB Card has responded with Shin Min Ah.  The standard guarantee for these types of big models is approximately $250,000-$420,000 USD.  According to one finance representative, “Most advertising models are estimated to earn about $670,000~$850,000 USD, but when one gets to do a finance advertisement, about half of this contract success can be attributed to raising the level of the person’s image.”


I totally loved all 3 Seunggi’s KB CFs.  So touching!  Can’t wait to see the next one!

Who doesn’t love SeungGi??!! Airens are so proud to be SeungGi fans!

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