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Samsung’s new Zipel unveiling + contract renewal [Aug 2010]

SeungGi and Samsung were all over the news on August 23rd because Samsung Electronics announced that a contract renewal had been signed with Seunggi, premium kitchen appliance brand Samsung Zipel main model.  And today, Samsung and Seunggi unveiled the new Zipel Assak kimchi fridge…

Seunggi definitely has a way of dropping all sorts of unexpected goodies for fans!  He must be one of very few Korean celebs that seems to be seriously everywhere all the time (tv programs, tv cfs, entertainment websites, advertisements all over Seoul, in the news) and yet is not despised or disliked for it!

A big part of his appeal is that he’s so active on so many fronts~ again, the diligent, hardworking code of ethic that Koreans just absolutely treasure!  As already written about tons of times, CFs are a HUGE deal in Korea and says a lot about one’s appeal to the masses.

Downside is when someone is known mainly just for their CFs and not for their art.  A good example- Kim Tae Hee.  She’s considered one of the most beautiful and smart celebs in Korea but could rarely get respect for her acting until her recent drama Iris.  To a lesser degree, Shin Min Ah also carried that rep.  But MinAh definitely proved everyone wrong with the awesome job she’s doing playing the part of MiHo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Back to Seunggi ~ the fact that he’s involved in so many different things (acting, mcing, singing, public service, cfs) and has worked hard and been successful with each of the projects on an individual level and done so with a sincere and humble attitude makes people feel like he’s “deserving” of the all the success.  Thus, can’t help but to like Seunggi!

Per TV Daily, having endorsed the brand during the latter part of 2009, the contract renewal meant that SeungGi would continue doing so for a second year.  He first began by endorsing the Zipel Assak kimchi fridge and was able to continue its #1 sales rank.  Earlier this year, he began endorsing the brand new premium Massimo Zucchi line which has received a lot of love.  Seunggi was chosen as the “CF model that consumers like the most” by the CM Association last year and is seen as the #1 brand model for the 2010 year with his golden brand power.

Zipel’s main target group is 20-40 year old women, and it was reported that SeungGi enjoys a lot of popularity particularly among 30-40 year old purchasing power group of women; however, unlike other models, he has received a lot of attention because he also appeals to people of all ages ranging from 10 to 50 year olds.  A Samsung representative said the company looks forward to carrying on as the marketplace leader in kitchen appliances this year as well with Lee Seung Gi continuing as their endorsement model.

Ok, tons of press photos are still coming out so more to come later. And i’m sure there will be some fan photos and some video as well, probably with a very articulate Seunggi expresssing his love for Samsung. LOL.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m okay with Cody this time! :)

And get ready for the battle of the kimchi fridge CFs..

Other companies learned a lesson from Samsung Zipel’s successful marketing of Seunggi and now they are looking to guys to endorse kitchen appliances.  Recently, So Ji Sup and Yoo Seung Ho just filmed their first kimchi fridge CF for another company.  I always thought Yoo Seung Ho kind of resembled Seunggi (the nose, lips, dark eyebrows, nation’s younger brother title).

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