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New official Seunggi website to open in September

*** The website’s been shut down. Will officially open in September. ***

LEE SEUNG GI official website ~ http://leeseunggi.com/new/

Looks WAY better than that totally oudated, un-updated previous version!  I’m still very curious to know what type of people Seunggi’s management and people at Hook are like because the Seunggi images that I typically like seem to usually be the opposite of what Hook goes for…

Perhaps it has something to do with Hook’s idea of Seunggi’s target audience?!  Everyone here knows how I feel about Hook, and in particular, Captain Hook, so I’ll just leave it at that.  However, per the earlier petition started by fans from DClsg, I was really hoping to see the website in BOTH Korean and English.  Hopefully they’ll continue to tweak and update the site.

I know it’s typical for Korean entertainment industry to go where the big clusters and money markets are (ie, Japan and China) but I hope Seunggi realizes that he also has Korean, Japanese, and Chinese fans that are living abroad.  And also that he has a lot of international fans who adore him outside of those 3 countries as well.

Although, I’m probably the only Seunggi fan that’s not necessarily interested in meeting him in person.  Is that weird?!

Overall, the website’s a huge improvement and looks quite chic and modern for Hook’s standards.

5 Responses

  1. oh no ann. the website’s not working!!!! what happened? i hope it get fixed soon :(

  2. ok finally posting. i lurk here all the time. had to post bcuz wnat to know what happened to website. i get error when i try link. its not working for me too.

  3. Ha. Hook is such a tease!!! thought they’d have it up for a while; maybe they didn’t realize the other pages were public at the time and quickly shut it down!

    for you guys who didn’t get to see the whole thing yet — it looks pretty good. and yep, text on all the links was only in korean :( hope Hook will update with English when they open the site in September. Hook, can you please at least come through for fans on this one????!!!!

  4. “lthough, I’m probably the only Seunggi fan that’s not necessarily interested in meeting him in person. Is that weird?!”
    No, you don’t. Me too :)

  5. Bravo!
    well said Ann. hope they’ll do it in both languages..korean and english. I think seung gi himself would have notice it by now thru his twitter and the BIG parcel gift that we sent to him last time. (HOOK should also, if shes a good manager!!) that he has many fans which obviously cant read or write in korean.

    always keep our fingers crossed girls!..

    I also may not want to meet him in person..but really want soo much just to see him even by far..haha :)

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