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SeungGi’s surprise appearance, HaHa Mong Show

SeungGi made a surprise appearance (separately taped) on Sunday’s HaHa Mong Show as part of a game that guest SooGeun had to answer. Lots of 1n2d love~ JongMin also had a taped segment which he and others rapped to. SeungGi was his usual model-image self – articulate, cute, and looking super great in a green cardigan.

(Video: leeseunggiworld; English LSGfan)

LSG: SooGeun hyung, I’m so happy to meet you like this. I think you are currently one of the top variety stars in Korea, and you really have a crazy (in a good way) variety sense, but if there’s one thing I could request of hyung… Variety sense and being funny is all great, but for our conscience, it would be good if you ___________!
I’ve even endured all your farts!
SooG: This one seems too easy to answer.
LSG: If there’s one thing I could request of hyung… Variety sense and being funny is all great, but for our conscience, it would be good if you would stop taking off your clothes! Hyung, you did dress in cool, full attire for the HaHa Mong show broadcast today, right?! Hyung, please. Please stop taking off your clothes!

Ha. SooGeun and his total lack of shame in taking his clothes off freely on 1n2d; in addition to his constant farting!  The guys really do put up with a lot!

Okay, does our guy own Sundays on Korean tv or what?!  These were all the times that SeungGi appeared on tv and that’s minus all his CFs that air regularly…

9:05am ~ [KBS] 1n2d rerun

10:45am ~ [SBS] HaHa Mong Show

12:10pm ~ [SBS] Strong Heart rerun

1:20pm ~ [SBS] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho rerun

6:30pm ~ [KBS] 1n2d

What’s even more amazing about all this is the popularity and high viewership ratings of all his shows~ 1n2d is currently the highest rated variety show and also the 2nd most watched overall program on tv.  Strong Heart has been #1 at its time slot on Tuesday nights since it premiered close to a year ago. And we all know about the buzz and love for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

MBC MCs and PDs have joked on entertainment shows that SeungGi got his tv start on MBC sitcom NonStop so he should come back!

We SeungGi fans are sooooooooo spoiled!

4 Responses

  1. haha..love your last statement!..couldn’t agree more.. :)

  2. he’s really sweet with that green cardigan=))

  3. what’s even more totally seunggi-esque about this clip is that – all the other special guests who made a taped appearance message to soogeun “rapped” for the segment with those 2 backup dudes..

    but seunggi chose to go all natural and articulate and gave a heartfelt message to his hyung. love him even more for just being who he is… you can tell here and in 1n2d and how he always mentions soogeun on strong heart, that he really admires his hyung!

    omg, but if you guys get to see the show… even soogeun’s wife makes a taped appearance and actually raps! she was really cute! :)

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