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Fierce brooding SeungGi for new FUBU endorsement

*** UPDATED with more Fall/Winter collection photos ***

(original post, July 29)

When the FUBU endorsement was first rumored, I was really hoping that it wasn’t true.  I was not hot about seeing SeungGi sporting a bunch of loud graffitti t-shirts. Also the model image of SeungGi and streetwear FUBU did not click for me.  LOL.  Definitely love the story behind the FUBU founders from Queens, NY when they first debuted their brand way back when here in the States, but personally was never a fan of their clothes at all.  However, after seeing these first few shots of SeungGi modeling FUBU’s Fall/Winter collection, I may have a change of heart…

FUBU Korea’s collection seems sort of different compared to the FUBU USA that I was familiar with. And even though actor SeungGi is able to pull off more of a tough streetwear image here,  his baby face is still undeniable… :)

A FUBU rep said: Known for his bright and warm image, in this recent advertisement, he conveyed a very different charismatic and refined and sophisticated fashion sense.  You could see Lee Seung Gi’s masculine and tough appearance here. (via MT style)

The photos are receiving a lot of attention because of SeungGi’s transformation from well-known sweet guy to more of a fierce and tough guy; also because the Vancouver 3 gold medalist speedskaters participated in the shoot. FUBU indicated that SeungGi and the athletes are seen as role models for the younger generation.

Maybe SeungGi learned some speedskating tips from them? Recent 1n2d ep…

Fan photos from FUBU store in Seoul, Korea…

FUBU Korea links, but not updated yet with SeungGi photos…

FUBU Korea website

FUBU Korea blog

SeungGi recently ended his Edwin contract (Kim Bum and girlgroup Miss A are the new models), but they still have him and Go Eun Ah up as the main models, so I’ll remove the Edwin link from this blog once they revamp their site. :)

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(photo cr: DClsg)

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  1. from what episode is the roller blader seung gi? i want to download,.thanks..

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