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Charismatic SeungGi at The Saem store

*** UPDATED with The Saem BTS photo shoot video ***

Yes, we are all losing our minds with SeungGi’s adorable and cute DaeWoong from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but let’s not forget the very charismatic, sophisticated, and chic side of SeungGi too!  The fashionista in me partially wishes for a more manly and charismatic DaeWoong… moreso because his cody continues to drive me insane with some questionable outfits and hair styles!  But all this makes me appreciate SeungGi-the-Actor even more for fully immersing himself into the character of an immature and comical yet loveable DaeWoong!  Thankfully, to appease me, The Saem – my fave SeungGi cf thus far – opened their very first store on Thursday with photos of their charismatic endorsement model displayed everywhere…

A cosmetics endorsement is like the holy grail of CFs in Korea, and more so among guys as this has traditionally been a female-dominated area.  SeungGi joins the select few guys doing cosmetics cfs.  And on top of that, because this is a brand new venture for The Saem, SeungGi is their first endorsement model in their launching.  Seriously, will our guy ever get a break from all the pressure?!

He probably lives for the pressure and is used to it.  Looks like The Saem is banking on SeungGi’s advertising power to lure in female consumers.  After seeing his The Saem cf, I could see myself giving up my devotion to Shiseido, Lancome, Chanel, and the like, or at least making room to also incorporate The Saem products too…

(cr: leeseunggi01)

And it doesn’t seem that SeungGi’s cf power is going anywhere… he’s been at the #2 spot as the star with the most CFs for close to 2 years, and that’s only second to superstar ice queen Kim Yuna who’s been at the #1 spot like forever!

See full list of top 10 CF star rankings at TVcf.co.kr.

And download new wallpapers like below at The Saem website.

(photo cr: DClsg)

*** UPDATED with The Saem BTS photo shoot video ***

Would love to see this clip set to music!  Hopefully a fanmade version will surface soon, like my recent fave~ Airen Vietnam website promo clip.

(cr: AirenVideo)

See more photo/video posts of SeungGi for The Saem:

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  1. oh gosh, this is really tempting…. how i wish i can fly to Korea now..!!!

    i’m ready to give up The Face Shop products and fly to Saem now!! hahaha..

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