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SeungGi sings car GPS directions, Strong Heart cuts [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Special Pt 2]

*** UPDATED with Eng subs embedded video clips ***

LSG video cuts from August 10 Strong Heart episode:
Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010tryp96]

SeungGi sings car navigation directions set to Will you marry me

Hyomin’s thoughts on SeungGi the actor

SeungGi uses formal greetings with castmates on the drama set

SeungGi’s Laugh or Don’t Laugh joke corner

KHD: Kang Shim Jang’s pride. Our SeungGi’s Laugh or Don’t Laugh corner.
LSG: Let’s go simple. There are a pair of jeans (chung-bah-jee). What do you call jeans you wear while clapping?
KHD: 1-2-3. Jeans that you wear while clapping.
LSG: Do you not know? Park Soo Jin. [Park Soo Jin plays SeungGi’s first love and “park soo” sounds like clap and “jin” like jeans! laughter. feeling sympathy for seunggi’s bad joke!]
LSG: One last one. Park Soo Jin sshi. There’s kimchi and kimchi stew. You like right?
PSJ: Yes, I like both.
LSG: The kimchi and kimchi stew fought a lot. like, does the kimchi go in the stew or not! They fought a lot but there was a winner. Who won?
KHD: So who won?
LSG: Of course the kimchi stew lost. The kimchi won. Because the kimchi stew boiled/dozed off. [boil and doze share same korean term. laughter, again because it’s such a corny joke! LOL.]

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

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6 Responses

  1. lool….thanks for the non-stop translation….I love you~~~kyaaaa…hehhehe

  2. me too. thanks ann! seunggi so cute when he sing about the road directions. wow, hes number 1 on soooo many polls! fighting oppa!

  3. Hey!!!!

    Thank you ann for the translation :)

    The vids w/ sub on my YT

    Since this is MGIG special and I try one more time on YT , will see how fast SBSi can catch me, but don’t worry I also put them on my DM too just in cause.

    Enjoy :)

    • thanks rapport! you are so fabulous!!

      let’s see if we can stave off big bad $B$ a bit longer this time! I’ve updated post with the embeds.

  4. Thank you sooooooo much rapport for the subbed vvideos & ann for the translations

    Seunggi is soo witty n cute. ahh never get enough of him!

    i would buy the navigation system any day if i can have Seunggi sings the direction for me lol. its soo chessy n funny i laugh so hard but totally loving the idea haha! korean polls never stop to amaze me with their randomness :D

  5. i dont understand.. why the pd dont want them to drop the formality… wont it help them to become closer

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