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Outcome of Lee SeungGi-Shin MinAh + Hong Sisters?

Source: Kukinews
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Review and Expectations after Episode 1 broadcast

The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho has been hot since its initial casting of actors.  Garnering attention for the “best combination of “Young Prince” Lee Seung Gi and “Innocent Glamour” Shin Min Ah, people were saying that this would give birth to a “daebak drama.”  In addition to the meeting of these two youthful stars, there was also great anticipation that the drama would soar because of the involvement of the writing team of the Hong Sisters as well.  And finally, the veil was revealed on August 11th…

After the airing of the first episode, the response on viewer message boards included “fresh and cheerful” and “the darkhorse among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.”  The results were good.  According to AGB Nielsen, it had a 10.2% country-wide viewership rating.  There may be some disappointment about the effect of the expensive star actors, but with anything one can’t get too full early on.  As advertised, it was evaluated as not having a bad outcome.

In addition to the viewers, advertisers were also lured.  During the 70 minute broadcast, there were numerous commercials aired.  [Not sure on this part of the translation, but maybe 28 cfs were aired? Seems a bit high.  Nevertheless, as evidenced by the unending flashing of advertiser logos at the end of both eps 1 and 2, the drama has secured way above the average number of advertisements than usual].

Lee Seung Gi’s portrayal of immature and frivolous Cha Dae Woong was well-suited and Shin Min Ah’s portrayal of the 500 year sealed gumiho was cute and innocent.  As it looks likes the synergy between the two will bring strength to the drama, there is a lot of anticipation for an increase in viewership ratings for episode 2.  Seeing as Baker King’s extremely high viewership ratings were not affected by the debut episode of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, it seems that most people involved understand that it will be difficult to break into those ratings.

Certainly it is still early, and many of the recent hit dramas have often started with 15-20% ratings for episodes 1-2, and then slowly seen increased ratings sometimes resulting in an extended run, and so comparitively the start of the drama is favorable.

Because My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a sweeet romantic comedy genre that involves young actors, the viewership is somewhat limited.  Up to this point, the dramas that have reached “national drama” status usually target 30-50 year olds, thus because My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is more targeted to 10-20 year old viewers, the lower ratings outcome is expected.  This is noticeable when watching rival drama Baker King.  Focusing on themes of power and secrets, love and friendship, the drama has grown to over 40% ratings.

While Lee Seung Gi’s portrayal of Cha Dae Woong, a rich young guy who is oblivious to the real world, and Shin Min Ah’s portrayal of a cute and pure 500 sealed gumiho that comes to life have received favorable comments, there have some comments about awkwardness.

There is some talk that Shin Min Ah gives off a feel that overlaps with “My Sassy Girl’s” Jun Ji Hyun and “Fantasy Couple’s” Han Ye Seul.  Some have mentioned that as this is supposed to be a “modern gumiho” that we have not yet seen, yet there is a feel that this type of character has been seen before and thus is more a “familiar gumiho.”  In addition, rather than talk about impressionable acting, there has been more buzz about her looks such as her long straight hair, glamourous body, and cute expressions.

There are responses that Lee Seung Gi’s portrayal of Cha Dae Woong is similar to the immature character he played in his acting debut for KBS drama Famous Princesses.  And that his manner of getting in trouble is not that different from when he was in SBS drama Brilliant Legacy.

Therefore, the characters of these two actors have not been fully stabilized yet. However it is too early to really say.  Primarily because of the persistence of the Hong Sisters to get at people’s sensitivities.  They have made trendy dramas popular through “Delightful Girl Chun Yang’s” Han Chae Young, and catapulted Lee Da Hae into the ranks of hallyustar through “My Girl,” unlike “Fantasy Couple’s” Han Ye Seul and “Hong Gil Dong’s” Song Yuri that resulted in the actors having to deal with claims of disputatable acting.  Like that of a pure fresh canvas, it appears that the charms of Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah will come through soon enough.

According to one SBS representative, “The strength of writing team Hong Sisters comes out even more more midway rather than early on, and even more in the latter parts than midway, gaining more popularity over time” adding “things being revealed now does not include everything.  There are still many things we are planning to reveal so please continue to anticipate more.”

Like that of the gumiho character who reveals her 9 tails only in the bright moonlight, we  will watch for the results hereon between the Hong Sisters strong writing skills and the competence of the two main actors.

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3 Responses

  1. Even the press gave encouraging/supportive words for SeungGi and the crew. That woman probably went “blablabla” to SG right after she knew the rating the next morning :(
    Come on, with double digits against the 40%+ established drama, she should at least say something nice like the press did!

  2. yeah i agree with you mich, it would be better if she just shut up, instead of expressing how she was depressed for 5 days..Must she not gave encouraging & comforting words to Seung Gi instead?

  3. It must be the light effects that I find both of their seung-gi and mina’s make-up horrible.

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