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Airen Vietnam website promo video

Awesome video to promote Lee Seung Gi Airen Vietnam fansite.  Haart is legendary for her amazing photoshop fanarts, and she and a few Vietnamese fans worked super hard to get this website up and running so kudos to you guys!  Love love love this video…  Very cool.  Trendy and sweet at the same time! One of the best mashups I’ve seen.  Hook needs to hire you!

(cr: tinysunblMVs)

5 Responses

  1. GREAT!!!

  2. wowwww..
    so niceeee~~

  3. hi Ann, here is the link to the new promotion clip for airenvn. it’s even cooler w/ our logo. But cruelly Tiny forgot to put the site address in LOL

    Maybe I’ll ask her to add and get back to u later w/ the more complete clip ^^

  4. OMGGG! IAnn, you’re so sweet
    Can’t believe that this post is listed below “current fave”
    Thank you Ann for the help and support!

    On be half of Airen Vietnam ^^

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