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Funny swimming SeungGi, 1n2d 8/8 cuts pt1

LSG video cuts from 8/8 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96, leeseunggiworld; English translation below clips: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video: Swimming SeungGi is hilarious without even trying to be!

[LSG’s foot falls first in the game so he has to jump in the water for punishment.]
KHD: 1, 2…
LSG: My shorts ripped! [laughter]
LSG: 1 Night 2 Days! [LSG enthusastically jumps in the water!]
KHD: Should I imitate Lee Seung Gi?! [KHD mocks SeungGi]
LSG: [playing around in the water] This is really great! [even showing us the backstroke! Then splahes around with Mong.]
LSG: Hyung, you should jump in, it’s really comfortable.
[more footage of SeungGi now doing the forward stroke! keke]
LSG: Hyung! You can play in the water first before going!
[more water splashing]
LSG: Here here! Please choose the marine product you want! [pointing to KHD…] This is a 52 year old octopus!

SeungGi and his range of forward stroke, backstroke, and water splashing skills! He really is so hudang… funny without even trying to be. LOL at the pants ripping.  Remember?  That also happened on long ago winter episode where the guys are doing the jumping scene to catch the action on camera, and SeungGi jumps high to do the genie pose but forgot he was wearing fitted pants and ended up ripping! kekeke. ok, people, it’s obvious that SeungGi’s abs and chest are still very much intact, don’t get why he’s always so shy about his worked out body! kekeke.

Video: SeungGi shouts out 1 Night 2 Days in the shower

[Guys go to wash up having just returned from having jumped in the sea.]
VJ: I’ll just film comfortably…
[KHD, LSG, SooG complains and tell him to leave.]
VJ: I won’t film at all below the faces!
SooG: Ah, this is great! I don’t even come out on the camera!
KHD: If you were to film Soo Geun’s face, then our entire selves would come out!
[Mong enters into the already super crowded washing area]
KHD: Do you have to come in just now instead of waiting until later?!
[flashes to outside…]
KHD: You startled me! If you’re not careful in filming, they’ll see everything when editing the footage!
[KHD gets the camera and focuses on Seunggi.]
Caption: SeungGi’s faster than lightning reflexes!
KHD: Yah, Lee Seung Gi, people are going to misunderstand… Come on, show yourself!
LSG: Come on, stop…
KHD: Please shout out 1 Night 2 Days in a lovely manner! ok, start!
LSG: 1 Night 2 Days.
KHD: Yah. SeungGi, you were too cute.
LSG: Ha ha. But it came out like I had nothing on! [laughter].
I didn’t take everything off! I didn’t take everything off!
Caption: Unfair~ you know I’m wearing shorts!

Aw Seunggi, you’re so misunderstood!  Hodong hyung just loves to tease our SeungGi. He just loves his dongseng; it’s so cute. HoDong and SeungGi always had an older brother-younger brother relationship but more and more, you really see HoDong treating SeungGi as if he were his real younger brother. Too cute! But poor SeungGi… he’s always hated having to show any skin on tv! He was wearing shorts yet he’s covering up his chest. Why SeungGi? Based on the other clip, we know you’ve been still working out! ke ke ke. Aw, but seeing SeungGi cowering in the corner with the big tub bowl made me just want to reach in and give him a big hug!

Video: SeungGi wins indoor sleeping rights for SeopSeopDang

[Context: SeopSeopDang vs. OB (KJM in place of KimC). Winning team sleeps indoors, losing team has to rough it outdoors. After a few rounds, it comes down to LSG vs KHD. Gist of the game- each person chooses a name of an object. Then that person calls out another person’s object name and says a number between 1-4 afterwards. That person then has to say the name of their object the correct number of times they’ve been called out to do on the beat of the claps. The guys are using fish names in this round…]LSG: Ga-Jah-Mee. Do-Da-Lee 3!

Hodong was really good at this game… but SeungGi was better! And one step ahead! The ending was the more hilarious b/c they had been using similar number patterns for a while and then all of a sudden, SeungGi changed it up by thowing in the number 2, totally taking HoDong down!

See English-caption screencaps from this episode at LSGfan post HERE.

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  1. agree. his abs are still there! also its really cute how seunggi is so shy about his body on 1night2days and doesn’t flaunt it like alot of other guys. that makes him even more cute and adorable.

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