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SeungGi anticipates his drama premiere

A brief message from SeungGi left at the official Airen fan cafe:

English translation: LSGfan

August 11, 2010 1:36 AM

Hello! This is Lee Seung Gi~!
Finally, tomorrow is the first broadcast…
With many people’s interest and support, finally the debut of

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”…

I am very nervous as this is something I worked hard to prepare for.
The top writers… the Hong Sisters…
All staff and sunbae/hoobae actors who fought the heat as we filmed…
Top notch casting that happened beyond what was imagined…

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Strong Heart, TV Ratings (August 10, 2010): My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Special Pt 2


Baker King’s Yoon Shi Yoon sees SeungGi as role model

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is set to air its first episode on Wednesday night and the anticipation is intense!  There’s been so much buzz about the drama up to this point and so I think everyone involved may be just happy to have this first broadcast be over and done with!  There are a lot of aspects that have made the drama buzzworthy (ie, SeungGi’s drama comeback, MinAh’s return to drama in 3 years, the Hong Sisters, etc), but the anticipated tv ratings competition at the Wednesday-Thursday drama time slot is probably what the Korean press is really dying to see.  Especially now with the completely surprising KBS hit Baker King Kim Tak Goo having hit 40% ratings last week…

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Gumiho press conference~ LSG-SMA video cuts (Eng subs)

*** UPDATED with DM videos since big bad YT deleted the account ***

So there were tons of video cuts of SeungGi and MinAh from the press conference on various entertainment shows, so I just picked out the non-duplicated ones to translate. SeungGi really has amazing speaking skills and he and MinAh seem so comfortable around each other! They are asked a range of questions from the obvious ones such as the kiss scenes, ratings burdens, character profiles, etc. But there’s also some interesting questions about the Strong Heart recording and their general impressions of one another, as well as a peek into what may be a very sad ending.

Press Conference~ Seunggi and MinAh interview cuts:
[Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld; tryp96 tumblr]

TV Daily full interview: LSG and SMA introduce their characters. Why MinAh called SeungGi a robot. What they think of each other.