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SeungGi-MinAh, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video clips ***

Also see Part 2 of the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho special (LSG cuts):

LSG video cuts from August 3 Strong Heart episode:
[Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010tryp96; leeseunggiworld]

SeungGi introduces his girlfriend Gu MiHo

SeungGi was very proud to introduce his lovely Gu Miho girlfriend… very cute. And fan accounts had said that he had taken very good care of SMA on the set, making sure that she felt comfortable since she hadn’t been on variety shows much. Seunggi’s such a gentleman! (note: English subs for the end part of video clip with Jung Juri comes from shiareagy5thalbum@YT)

SuengGi asked HoDong for relationship advice?

[SMA had just finished describing LSG as that of a robot, only because he really seems to know everything; and how when they were talking, she felt as if he had an answer for everything. And that she was very impressed by his level of preparation, that he had come with all his lines memorized when people were still reading from scripts.  And that he monitors everything, even recording the meeting session…]

First of all, i can’t believe that Seunggi is asking Hodong out of all people for relationship advice!  puahhha! Seunggi was such a good sport about it; I think he’s been on variety shows so much and people are going to say whatever they want, so he doesn’t really care. it’s amazing how many girls he’s been associated with, but still scandal free… that’s pretty amazing in Kpop world!

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

And see Strong Heart Photodiary of Seunggi and MinAh:

See more LSG cuts from previous Strong Heart eps:

22 Responses

  1. thank you for the translation!!!
    they are so cute!!! hahahaa

  2. I can’t wait for the drama to air next week but alas I will have to wait for the subs…

    They make such a cute couple, so perfect together. LSG has the cleanest image EVER for an IDOL, no scandals and people love them because he’s so honest with everything he does and says. How could you not love a guy who admits he watches porn when asked even though it might ruin his image.

  3. i agree with SMA,he’s really tall and his head is small…haha

    thanks for the translation ~~

  4. Hi all

    SG asked HD for relationship adviced [Sub Eng]

    Someone already sub Seung Gi introduces his girlfriend Gu MiHo part, so I don’t think I should sub it, should I?

    • you should sub the entire episode! 37-38 PLEASE
      I’ve been dying to find out where I can watch them and none of the websites allow it!!

  5. OMG, thanks for the translations. The show is even more funny once you understand what is being said. Aww, SeungGi was so cute during the email story, and SMA was so embarrassed.

  6. thx rapport for embedding the english subs! great job like usual!

    if you want to and have time, that would be great if you can do the subs on the first vid too… only b/c i’m not sure how long the one that’s already been done by that other person will survive on YT :(

    but if not,, we sitll have the raw translation and the DM clip here, so it should be fine! :)

  7. I agree with you.
    I had a half day off so I had time to sub Seung Gi introduces his girlfriend Gu MiHo part.

    You will find this video will be longer than the one ann put up here and translated from.
    I add more form 9.07-the end, credit to shiareagy5thalbum@YT,

    ann I hope you won’t mind :)
    Now it seem like, I’m addicted to “sub video” ?????
    I had a stress form work, and want to clear my head out.
    I ended up on my laptop subbing this vid??? haha strange isn’t it.

    Anyway Enjoy :)

  8. rapport, thx for subbing the video…
    i think your collaboration w/ ann unnie is the best!!!
    i enjoy watching it better than the previous eng-sub video… ^^

  9. Thx again rapport! you’re awesome! and thx tryp and natt for sharing the original clips!

    And all the others who commented here~ so glad everyone’s enjoying the vids! SeungGi def has a lot of lurker fans so it’s great to see you guys showing love for the vids! :) Are we all excited for Part 2 of the Strong Heart gumiho special???!!! :)

  10. Thanks so much ann & rapport….your subbed videos are jjang!!! :)

  11. hallo, can i give you a suggest??
    actually, download video from dailymotion really is complicated i thought…everytime i download from DM always broken at 99%..so can u make a FB account and upload the video to the your FB account?? i really desperate to watch strong heart cut from dailymotion, and everysolution that i found from googling are not suitable or didn’t work….
    using :
    1.IDM–>the file will broke at 99%
    2.keepvid/keeptub–>didn’t work
    3.another downloader–>absurd/not suitable…
    please can u help me…thank you very much for your consideration…^_^

  12. Some people kept saying that they acted self-centered and self-assured. But Shin Min Ah looks nervous and they are both just trying to promote the drama as best they can. I thought it was cute :\


  14. What episode is this???

  15. Episode 38? Special aired in 2 parts on August 3 and 10, 2010.
    Watch entire ep (NO ENG) at YT link

  16. lee seung gi is handsome that’s all…pls post some pic of lee seung gi with shin min ah on set

  17. …hahahahaha i love seung gi and min ah

  18. Shin Min Ah was so modest and she look so pretty beside Lee Seung-gi who as always is so eloquent. I ‘m an avid fan of Lee Seung-gi. He is not just a very good singer, actor but also a diligent student who really deserves to be admired at.
    I wish Lee Seung-gi will court Shin Min Ah for real.

  19. can u translate strong heart episode 37 and 38 ??????? i m not a korean citizen ….Kamsamitha!! in advance :P:P:)

  20. wow…my everything lee seung gi…you make me smile.

  21. lee seung gi ang shin min ah very very cucoookk !

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