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SeungGi’s thoughts on Rain and Kim Hyun Joong

Okay, first off – I think it’s great that non-Korean speaking kpop fans are translating Korean articles and news to share with other fans, like I’m wondering what life was like before google translate?!  However, I find it incredibly annoying when the translations are totally inaccurate or taken out of context!  It’s one thing when it’s just minor as I’m sure there have been times when I’m off too or purposely chose to leave out stuff that wasn’t relevant.  But when you’re actually translating what someone is said to have quoted, then you should definitely double check your stuff!  So with that said, there’s a lot of anticipation, especially tv ratings-wise for the upcoming dramas at the Wed-Thurs spot among My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Fugitive, and Playful Kiss…

(However, anyone who follow dramas and tv ratings knows that the real competition is against Yoon Shi Yoon’s Baker King which has been a suprising runaway hit!)  Anyway, because of this high level of anticipation and competition, I suggest that fans translating quotes pertaining to what celebs say about other celebs double-check their quotes before putting it out to the mass public; or at least preface it with saying that the translation might not be totally accurate.  I like both Rain and Kim Hyun Joong so I’m just putting this out there as a way to have a good and friendly upcoming competition as SeungGi suggested.

This is Dkpop’s re-post of SS501 rainaftershine’s blog post:

[news] Lee Seung Gi expressed that competing with Kim Hyun Joong ‘I am not feeling calm’

When he was being asked about his feeling towards Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ which is almost airing at the same time, Lee Seung Gi said ‘I am very concerned about competing with Kim Hyun Joong. Competing with such a great star, I am not feeling calm but tense instead! But at the same time, it is also my own honor.’

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) taotao萄@HJC + (English translation) rainaftershine.wordpress.com

The translation is inaccurate because SeungGi was not specifically asked about KHJ, he was asked about the other dramas in general and about Rain and KHJ.  The translator somehow left out Rain’s name, who was mentioned first along with KHJ. And when SeungGi responded, he never singled out KHJ, he was referring to both Rain and KHJ.  Also, “I am not feeling calm” is not the best translation of the adjective that SeungGi used.

Again, it’s not a huge deal, but the nuance and tone (in addition to leaving out Rain’s name) is very different from what went down at the actual press conference interview.  Also when reporting on these things afterwards, the press loves to use provocative headlines; they even make it up sometimes!  Anyway, here’s a translation of the article that was featured on Nate yesterday and also one of the most read articles that day…

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” Lee SeungGi: “Competing with Rain and Kim Hyun Joong makes me nervous”
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

40% certified ratings hit actor Lee Seung Gi is going for his undefeated streak again through the Hong Sisters’ drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”

Lee SeungGi plays the role of an aspiring action actor “Cha Dae Woong,” a character who is immature but also lively/cheerful.

At the press conference for “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” held on August 4th, Lee SeungGi said, “It is really an honor to be working with such great people,” adding “my counterpart actress Shin MinAh is really the best.”

Lee SeungGi said, “Honestly, the other drama currently on air, Baker King, is a very good drama, and it is true that I feel a bit burdened by that,” and added, “Before we started filming our drama, I felt very burdened, but now because we have very good teamwork and a good script, I feel that we can sufficiently have a good competition.”

In particular, when asked about the other dramas “Fugitive” and “Playful Kiss” starting at the end of this month on the other channels, Lee SeungGi responded, “There is a lot of growing interest about the competition with Rain and Kim Hyun Joong, and so I am nervous about being up against such excellent people.”

Lee SeungGi increased anticipation for the drama by saying, “Even though my immature character is similar in concept to that of the one I played in Brilliant Legacy, but within that immaturity, you will get to see other new and different charming traits.”

The first epsiode of the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho will air on August 11th.

(source: HanKyung via Nate)

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2 Responses

  1. i’m feelings sad hearing Seung gi saying this.
    i really hope he will WIN AWARDS during this drama!! ><
    please VOTE RATING everyday!

  2. thanks Ann for explaining the real meaning of What really SG said.. Hope other fansites will be more cautious in translating quoted words before posting it.. c’z it’ll could be misleading

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