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Gumiho press conference photos – SeungGi

*** UPDATED with photospam ***

Press conference photos are being released… fast and furious! Really like the lighting on the photos from Star.mk. In a lot of the other photos, SeungGi’s eyes look really tired… aw, I hope he really gets some rest soon! Good health is most important! There are tons of press photos so posting non-duplicates, as well as ones that don’t include blood-shot eyes :(

(credit: As labeled)

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4 Responses

  1. My heart aches to see the big bags under his eyes.

  2. he looks so much thinner than last year’s BL. boy works too hard!

  3. thanks for the good pictures, hope seung gi can take a rest …no need to worry because his korean show( MGIG) will be successfull…im sure!

  4. i really love .,seung gi!,even though i am a filipino ,i still hope that i can see and meet him in person ,thats my dream,i got addicted to him ,ill do everything to go in korea ! just for seung gi <im inlove with him =)

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