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Gumiho press conference photos – SeungGi & MinAh

SeungGi and MinAh were looking great together. At the press conference, the MC asked LSG and SMA to pose as DaeWoong-MiHo couple. LSG and SMA wasn’t sure what to do so the MC told them to make a heart with their hands and pose to all corners of the room. They both were embarrassed to do so, so to lighten up the mood, SeungGi blew on his hands and acted as if he was trying to psych himself up for this which of course cracked SMA up! They eventually were able to do the heart-hand pose without totally laughing… well, sort of! Very cute!




(credits: As labeled)

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7 Responses

  1. “THE ART OF DOING THE HEART-HAND POSE”….lol, that cracked me up…

  2. Are they a real couple or not??.. tnx “>>>

  3. wahahh!!!! i luv!!! miho and dae woong!!! nomunomunomu chua!!!! :P

  4. such a lovely couple. i always thought that SMA doesn’t really find LSG special, but after watching an interview with SMA, i realize that they really would make a real, cute HOi Hoi couple. :D

  5. love the hoi hoi couple

  6. gravehhh ang cute nila i love them both sana cla nah jejeje

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