SeungGi’s Gumiho OST single jacket cover

(cr: DClsg)

Really? This is SeungGi’s comeback drama, one of the most highly anticipated dramas thus far this year, and he sings on the OST! And this is the cover that Captain Hook and company put out?!  They make SeungGi work his ass off with a jam packed schedule, and put him on double duty prepping for drama and doing the OST and this is what they churn out?!  Um, can someone please remind her that she is marketing one of the hottest and beloved 23-year old actor-singers in the year 2010?

From the font to the graphics… perhaps Captain Hook got confused and thought she was putting out an album for Lee Sun Hee instead?!  And the photo image of SeungGi and overall concept… omg, I’m so really at a loss for words.

And as the bigger version of cover image at DClsg post points out, they didn’t even bother to photoshop the strand of hair in Seunggi’s right eye!  Someone please tell me this is not for real… If so, as usual, SeungGi bails Hook out again by being his own best self-promoter and having a great voice that can stand on its own, despite some jacked up jacket cover!

Agh! SeungGi… you deserve so much better! But it doesn’t matter, Airens support you 100% in everything despite your totally outdated, un-hip, totally not-up-with-the-times Hook because fortunately, you make things work despite them!


Oh no! Now that she’s seen the not-so-great response to the jacket cover from fans, Captain Hook is again tweeting some sentimental stuff about DaeWoong and his song so as to make fans forget about the lame jacket cover job from her people! Please, I beg of you Rep Kwon, stop with your annoying tweets… I’m sure you mean well but it’s having the opposite effect and it’s not coming across very sincere to many fans!

I’m sure she’s seen the 1500 hits on DClsg and the not so hot comments… including the ones asking her to stop tweeting!

*** UPDATED with OST track mv link of DaeWoong and Miho ***

Not sure how long this is going to be up so check it out before it’s deleted!
Thanks eunice @soompiLSG (cr: yaoyaofei China Airen) for posting and sharing!

I think we all agree that the jacket cover is pretty wack but per usual, we knew that SeungGi would charm us on his own!  :)  Not a fan of the autotune, espeically  for someone like SeungGi who already has a good voice and doesn’t need that sort of enhancement but it fits well with the spirit of the drama and the OST track.

And omg, how cute are DaeWoong and Miho?! I was a bit worried about the over-the-top acting the Hong Sisters were going to make SeungGi do, but in the mv, he pulls it off without making it seem totally lame and slapstick (sort of like how Lee Da Hae was believeable in Hong Sisters’ drama My Girl). Can’t wait to hear his second track… hopefully a ballad.

Losing My Mind (Gumiho OST track by Lee SeungGi):

Bugs Music link


I’m liking the autotune for this track more and more as I hear it!  A lot of times autotune songs sound whiny but because SeungGi is a vocalist and already has a good voice, it really comes through strong in the track.  And it’s really a perfect kdrama song!

Ah, DaeWoong, you are just too cute!  Also, love the martial arts he’ll be doing… he can put his prior action training that he never got to use for IlJimae to use! Looking good SeungGi!

15 Responses

  1. Oh Ann you speak my mind! I was speechless when I saw the photo at soompi. But I’m surprised that the Chinese fan actually like the photo so much and because of that I tried to take a few look at the photo at different angle haha! But the first impression I got from the photo was it remind me of Pizza hut :(

  2. omg eunice, please keep me from totally writing some unnecessary expletives directed at Rep Kwon!

    seriously, even the usually 100% positive outlook fans on dclsg are like what the heck is this! the only ones who seem to like it are those few fans who think that as long as seunggi is attached to something, it’s perfect! and of course, seunggi always makes things work, but that is… always despite crazy in the stone ages hook.

    so sad… Captain Hook… you are so close to getting a personal letter from me!

  3. Hey guy

    This is better than I expected (better than Shadow Album)
    But I still speechless.

    “Caption Hook” since we know her, we can’t expect anything from her. (I already give up on her)

  4. yeah… this album cover is too simple! ~_~
    like they did the photoshoot and editing in hurry…
    i even think if haart unnie edited this photo it would come out better! :p
    but now, i’m more anticipating the MV!
    i hope it’s not disapointing like this jacket cover…

  5. Oh my!! Totally speechless when I saw this picture… is this the best Hook can do?? The cover itself doesn’t look “appealing” at all… save for Seung Gi himself. Oh my! Still can’t believe it!!!

  6. Ya, it look so 80s. No, I think 70s. And with Seung Gi’s voice remastered/electro (whatever they call it), I am not that keen. Just pray that it is a very very catchy song. Then all else is forgiven.

  7. WOW! this is newest? LSG so cute in this shot~ 와 ^^
    반짹~반짹 승기야 ★ I like these fonts, it’s looked match with style, THX Hook … ^ ^ Cant wait to see the drama >/////< let's release more pic ㅎㅎ

  8. hi! at dclsg posted the highlight of this song.a very joyful song .try to look at spice (the name who posted it..)

  9. Ann, i’m dissapointed with this cover too.
    Hook was so hyping it up, for this?!
    just stop tweeting then saying how daebak the OST will be bla bla if this is what the result is. did she just hire just any designer for this cover. this is so highly anticipated, this doesnt reflect the hype at all!

  10. i heard alot of DCSG.. fans complainted about Seung gi music.. i don’t get what they were saying..
    they wanted him to sing BALLAD?? -_-

  11. i like the song, so far… and keep replay it! :lol:
    but i like ballad better…
    he sings 2 songs, right?
    the song is catchy… i like it!

  12. lol…I didnt notice about the covers problem it until I read the post..I actually like the track…you guys are such a hyper fan…lol, not in a bad way of course…keep at it…fighting!

  13. hmm i don’t think it’s so bad. i like it way way better than the Shadow cover. even though it’s simple, it shows one of Seunggi’s best attributes – smiling eyes, and of course, his smile!!!!
    i can’t wait for more…

  14. cap Hook… she is so….. old style!!!!!!!
    I want to write something on her twitter……
    The song.. I like it^^ but the cover hmm.. not so much…

  15. I have to say, that after listening to it a few times, the song has really grown on me! I was pretty iffy about it at first considering there is autotune – Seung Gi as a strong voice..but it does match with the tone of the drama..and that mv? uber cute!! Can’t wait for next wednesday!!!

    Now..about that jacket cover…All I have to say is..WHAT was Captain Hook thinking?! *sends a horde of Despicable Me minions to knock some sense into her*

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