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Seung-Chae couple, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed video ***

LSG video cuts from July 27th Strong Heart episode:
[Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2011; tryp96]

ChaeYeon confesses her true feelings from xman days for SeungGi

Am I the only one who feels bad for ChaeYeon here? More so than SeungGi, I feel like KHD and the lady comedian up front and the other guests made things way worse by teasing her afterwards and chanting not to cry. I hope CY wasn’t hurt by the whole thing. SeungGi was trying to say how he really appreciated CY noona but KHD and the guests cut him off and then started joking around. Koreans are obsessed with age, especially in the entertainment industry which is why you see so many k-celebs lying about their ages from After School’s KaHee and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narasha to tons of female actresses.  It’s really lame because they’re not even that old! and plus they all look hot at their age anyway! Hope ChaeYeon stays strong!

ChaeYeon puts the moves on SeungGi via dance

I really get the sense that ChaeYeon really likes SeungGi… who wouldn’t?! ok, LSGfan is biased! :) But they do have a close broadcast past together. But even still, something about this whole dance thing of CY pulling LSG out and then making the moves on him… I don’t know, but for some reason, she came off kind off desperate. Again, maybe during xman days, okay… but here and now 3 yrs later, it just felt uncomfortable. nothing against Chaeyeon at all, just the whole thing seemed awkward. especially after the guests’ response after her Seung-Chae story.

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20 Responses

  1. I agree with you Ann. It was all the past. Maybe they did have feelings for each other at one point of time. It happens when you are pair up together all the time.

    But it has now been over 3 years. The way I see it, Chaeyeon maybe making use of the situation/broadcast to bring herself back in the limelight again. Can we say making use of Seung Gi popularity now? So, they are all square now. Haha.

    Ya, I do feel bad for Chaeyeon, when Seung Gi clearly pulled away from her, when she touched his face during her dance.

  2. Thank for EngSub so much!

  3. thanks for subbing..^^
    i waited so long.

  4. tnk you lsgfan!!! :)

  5. Thank you so much ann

    This is really long one :)
    It probably took you a while to translate.
    I’m sure, we(LSG’s fan and ChaeYeon’s fan) really appreciate what you did here….
    Thank you again :)

  6. I have to agree on purple1n2d on this. It does feel like she’s using the situation, especially since she’s making a comeback… or maybe I’m just overly suspicious…

  7. LSGi’s responses are very good and gentlemen! I am sure both LSGi and CY would remain as good friends! ;)

  8. ” making use of Seung Gi popularity now? ” lol IF its true then maybe she deserve it after he used her in xman days but like she said chinese fans r fan of them together so she probably want to end it since she came on the show but lsg was a little bit mean , still a fan of him thou :)

  9. frankly said, I dun really care who use whom ^^
    coz I love both Chae Yeong & Seunggi kkkkk~
    Moreover, I think whatever they said on strongheart was already scripted (no offense, this is just my stupid opinion ^^)

  10. agree with dj sam^^

    “I don’t know, but for some reason, she came off kind off desperate. Again”

    wth is this??why do ppl always view things in a bad why??
    she was traying to show every one that she didn’t hold a grudge against LSG .

    btw LSG is not Chae Yeon Ideal type so chill :P
    that guy used her ever since he came on xman so now u bitching around saying she used him in this show, don’t make me laugh
    she wanted to end this
    didn’t u read what she said
    she did it for her Chinese fans

  11. Hi
    Thank you ann for the translation

    The vid of Seung-Chae couple with sub is on YT

    And sorry for the quality of the vid, I don’t know what’s wrong with my file
    (I uploaded with a good quality one but it turn out like this)

  12. thanks rapport! updated the post to include the subbed clips. as always, your timing and understanding of embedding the korean subs is excelllent!

    the vid is just not as high quality when you go full-screen. but as is in teh post, the vid looks great! thx again girl!

    Also to the seung-chae fans, LSG fans, and CY fans — i don’t think it’s news that most k-variety shows are scripted, especially the love-line stories… Times change, people move on with their lives… it happens all the time… and it’s obvious that the two have a lot of mutual respect for one another even still and i think that’s really great! :)

  13. OMG, it’s so funny!

  14. mmm…I see many kind of comment posted here…but, In my opinion..this is not the case of whom using whom..but, they accept each other, without these kind of connection in xman, it would be awkward for them to appear in the variety show..if you think about it, theres a more realistic love line in the xman beside them…and also, LSG is so much younger than CY, so people wouldnt like it if theres anything between them, right? everyone say yeah!! hoh ooo…!!

  15. Thank you for translating I have been looking all over for them. Thank you very much, greatly appreciated! Can I use these subs?

  16. can anyone send me a link to the ep of this with eng subs? pleasee <3

  17. I’m really curious about this video. is it really not scripted? And I thought the parts they did in Xman were all scripted, how came chae yeon asked if lsg was only using her then when she knows that those were all in the script?

  18. That remark about age…I’ve seen elsewhere that it actually has a back story. Apparently Chae Yeon, even though she liked him, had denied doing so at the time, stating his young age as a reason why. This is why Seung Gi said here that age was a factor.

  19. Sorry Im way too late. Can anyone send me a working link please, Im dying to watch the subbed vid. Many thanks! :)

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