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SeungGi as Strong Heart guest? Photodiary Seunggi-Minah

Looks like SeungGi’s also going to be a guest as well as MC for the day! New Behind-the-Scenes photos of SeungGi and MinAh from last week’s filming.  Part 1 of the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho special set to air this coming Tuesday night…

(cr: tryp96 @soompiLSG; SBS)

See more photos at SBS Strong Heart PhotoDiary.

Aw, DaeWoong and MiHo look so cute together.  SeungGi and MinAh both are so incredibly likeable… they are perfect together for the drama.  The anticipation is getting to be too much! Aghhhh!

Another look at the daebak preview clip for the upcoming special…

(cr: airendrama; tryp96)

(photo cr: tryp96; Eng translation: LSGfan)

I’m with the PhotoDiary blogger… so envious of Shin MinAh!!!!! :)

8 Responses

  1. ahh, i love Lsgi’s look here!

    what a beautiful & endearing couple!
    they really match eatch other so well.
    in terms of look,height,smile and how both are so likeable.

    me too! so envious of SMA~

    Ann, can i share your translated Photo Diary here at MGIG thread?

  2. whats with jung juri..lol

  3. Opps, i just saw you posted there already haha!
    sorry to spam here :D

  4. ok, another post haha!

    one thing i realize, Sgi doesnt have his DW hair here! oh thats why he looks extra good keke

  5. fiey, you and your posts! kekekeke. yep, had already posted in gumiho thread. trying to be better about posting there too. i’m sure like BL, MGIG will bring seunggi new fans who will then totally fall for him after then becoming fans of 1n2d!

    chessy~ I KNOW! such cute pix of cdw and gmh… and then there’s crazy juri in the background. what’s that about!

    please God, help cody to be really super smart this time and make seunggi look amazing for the press conference… like the one for BL!!!! please please. like seunggi with this flat ironed hair better than dw hair.

    • WHOAH!!! thats what totally happened to me..i didnt even know lee seung gi just 5 months ago prior to MGIAG, but when i saw him there i fell in love with his and Shin mina’s chracter that i began researching about them..thats when i found out about 1N2D to which i am so addicted now…the show is just so hilarious!!! love love love it!!

      • yep, that’s what happened to many of us! ^__^ we saw seunggi first in brilliant legacy and then ended up being addicted to seeing him on 1n2d~ looks like ppl finding out about him through MGIG are doing the same and loving him on 1n2d~

        although there seems to have been a lot of fans of him from his first drama and his singing debut, i think a lot of fans discovered him after Brilliant Legacy or MGIG.

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