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MC Mong envies SeungGi’s soup & gumiho, 1n2d 7/25 cuts

LSG video cuts from 7/25 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96; DClsg; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video clip: SeungGi gets extra special breakfast soup

LSG: So can we order whatever we want?
PD: The menu has already been prepared.
LSG: Oh really. That system is really good.
LSG: This is in HD… will it be ok even though we have nothing on our faces.
PD: But you guys are the YB (Young Boys)! [laughter]
LSG: But skinwise, there’s no difference betweent YB and OB!!!
LSG: Wow, the food is here. Ah, thank you very much!
[The lady places one of the bowls in front of SeungGi].
LSG: Wow, we will eat well. And what is this, Mother?  [LADY: Sahm-gyeh-tang (chicken and ginseng soup)].
LSG: Oh, sahm-gyeh-tang. [LADY: Delicious sahm-gyeh-tang].
MCM: Wah, mother. Seriously, the difference between mine and SeungGi’s soup… the ingredients are totally different! [laughter].
MCM: She brought them out and placed that one over there! [laughter]
LSG: Thank you thank you.
[MCM holds up bones from his soup!]
LSG: There are only bones in there? [LSG finds a big piece of chicken in his!] Wow, I’ll gratefully eat this, Mother. [ooh aahs!]
KJM: [holding up a bone] This really has no meat!
MCM: Mother, all I have is the neck! Just the neck! [laughter]

omg, poor Mong and JongMin too… the mothers just can’t help but to adore SeungGi! and the lady is totally shameless and proud of her special treatment… omg, now that is totally Korean!!!! And too funny how the guys, especially SeungGi was worried about the HD filming! He had probably finished filming the Saem cosmetics CF around this time!  Following this clip, the mother brings out the side dishes and places them right in front of SeungGi to which he suggests that she could place them by Mong!!

Video clip: Mong asks about SeungGi-MinAh kiss scenes

MCM: Hey Superstar!
LSG: Ayyyyy…
MCM: What does one need to do to become like you?!
[LSG turns away in embarrassment]
MCM: Do you have kiss scenes with Shin Min Ah?
LSG: I don’t have any… well, I don’t know yet.
EJW: Since Shin Min Ah is a gumiho… what does she eat?
LSG: Cattle beef. [laughter]
EJW: Raw?
LSG: No, she eats grilled meat… because she wants to become a human.

aw, Mong seems really hot and bothered by the fact that SeungGi gets to act with Shin MinAh in his drama!  It started from previous 1n2d opening ment, where he was like Shin MinAh is totally jjang! ha ha ha. Also, hilarious how Mong teases SeungGi, asking him how he can become a superstar like him! I know there are a lot of LSG-MCM fans out there… something about the two of them, whether they are laughing or even when they seemed annoyed with one another… they always really come off like real hyung-dongseng! Mong, SeungGi fans “heart” you! Mong~ Fighting!!!

Video clip: Heroic SeungGi makes basketball goal from halfcourt

Caption: SeungGi, staying with it to the end.
SooG: Didn’t it go in?
LSG: Hyung, wait ok? I’m starting to feel it!
EJW: Wow! Hyung, I think he’s going to be able to do it! SeungGi yah, keep trying! I think it’s going to go in! Just you… keep trying!
LSG: [after coming really close a few times] Oh No! Ok, last time, last time. [after a few more tries in the pouring rain] Oh No! I don’t think it’s going to happen. [but goes at it again] Mong hyung, I’ll put it in in 3 tries. Just 3 more tries.
MCM: Don’t worry about me. Just keep going.
LSG: Goal! Goal!
[the guys celebrate and do their closing ment for the evening]

As I wrote before, SeungGi showed perfectly here why he’s a guy’s guy and a girl’s hero! His tenacity and hard work ethic, very much valued in Korea if not the most valued, is among the top things that Koreans say as to why they like SeungGi. Also love that he had perfect basketball form despite shooting from half-court! And how cute was that Hodong-SeungGi hug after he made the goal. You could totally see Hodong brimming with pride! 

Video clip: Half-asleep SeungGi startled by VJ camera

And, yes SeungGi does get annoyed and bothered too!  But who wouldn’t with a camera in your face when you’ve just woken up?! :)

Unfortunately no video cut of this, but a perfect little gif…

(cr: eunice @soompiLSG; nani blog)

Roller-skating ~ Speed-skating SeungGi at the morning mission. So cute how he added in the swinging arms to get a speed-skating effect and give us some laughs! And check out those red-checkered pants… I actually find his quirky mis-matched pajama pants and preppy hoodie sort of endearing and real, like that would really be something he’d wear to sleep at home! Kudos to SeungGi for picking the box with the rollerskates in them!

Pointed out by~ satumalamduahari… his pants aren’t checkered, rather they have red hearts on them!  Aw even more cute! btw, that soup looks so good. Still laughing over Mong’s expression over his soup compared to Seunggi’s! :)

See more LSG cuts from past 1n2d episodes:

13 Responses

  1. rofl…mc mong gave a dirty look when he didnt get his fair share of the food…his expression was priceless..lol

  2. ha! yes, ROFL at mong’s expression! first jealousy over shin minah then seunggi’s soup!!! love these guys!

  3. Just curious, is there any gif of Seunggi’s wave dance with the basketball? Btw thank u so much for sharing ^^

  4. Thanks Ann for the translation. After reading your translation, I always watch the episode again. Then I would laugh even more. I laughed like mad in the middle of the night when I see the shoes they had to wear. HAHA.
    I love the fact that Seung Gi was embarassed when Mong called him a superstar. Still so modest.
    Ann, I think Seung Gi shouted GOT IT GOT IT when he finally shot the ball into the hoop. I thought that was so cool.
    Thanks again Ann.

  5. aaaahhh..
    he’s so cute while he’s skating=))

  6. agree about the mis-matched pants/hoodie sort of real, but pants are not red checkered… but red hearts… lookie http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/xx101/seopseopdang/trips/163012.jpg ^^

  7. haha mong is so funny…….jealous of his little bro….really like them together……..

  8. i completely forgot to put in the post that mong would be totally jealous, b/c that was like one of the first things i was thinking. aw, poor mong. me too… meaning about seunggi, i have to keep myself from being a jealous fangirl! ha ha ha. but since minah has been so sweet to our seunggi, i can’t help but to like her.

    but for any drama photos, i will do my best to refer to the couple as daewoong and miho, this way, fangirls won’t get too upset seeing all the great chemistry between the two! it’s just acting! he he he. :)

    Daewoong is daewoong.
    SeungGi is seungGi! :)

  9. hi Ann,

    would you mind if i use your eng translation elsewhere?

  10. debb- feel free to use the translation and please just credit LSGfan. just curious… can i ask what you’re using the translation for?

    just loved these cuts of seunggi :)

  11. thanks Ann, proper credit will be given..actually i was trying my hand at hardsub since rapport was away for a week (gosh i thought it was 3 weeks, lol)…but i gave up, couldn’t figure it out. at the end i tried the soft sub, hehehe…it works but not so prefect. i wanted to contribute at soompi but then again didn’t know how to upload the srt file..haih…so i guess it will just stay at my pc…
    btw, would you like a copy of the soft sub, i don’t mind forwarding to you (anyway it was your credit in the first place, :))
    and YES, me too just loved Seunggi’s cuts..i can watch it over & over again. :)

  12. haha..Ann..I like the way you put it..

    “dae woong is dae woong, seung gi is seung gi”

    that’s soo true..the chemistry is only between Mi Ho and dae Woong not Seung gi and min ah.. (haha..so in denial)

  13. One of my favorite korean dish that I can eat everyday, samgyetang!!! So delicous and refreshing!!!! Yummmmm

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