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Latest Japan news [Hanryu Pia, other mag photos, videos]

Loving these recent photo shoots SeungGi did for two separate Japanese magazines!  Hoping to see his cody dressing him more in these types of simple, mod, fitted outfits!  Wasn’t too hot about his Japan fan meeting outfits (some were okay; some were ick!), so I’m totally thrilled about these recent photo shoots…

As there have been more print articles coming out about SeungGi in Japan this past year, hope we’ll be able to get some English translations soon… The mag scans come from Japanese fan, Nani’s blog.  I’ve always loved the layout and feel of her blog even though I don’t understand Japanese!  Check it out!

And another Japanese mag article/photo shoot with SeungGi on the front cover.
Aw, doesn’t he look so cute here?!  And I just love the photo shoot!

(cr: tryp96; DClsg)

Video Clip: Japan Mnet Best 10 List
SeungGi made the cut at #7.  It looks like a Japanese version of Mnet. Narration is in Japanese but the MCs speak in Korean. Cute how they refer to SeungGi as “sunbae.” Read English translation of what the guys say about SeungGi below the clip…

Okay this comes from netizen ID Ruhiroo~ “Having a sincere smile and receiving much love in Korea as nation’s younger brother, I was surprised when seeing his chocolate abs.  I’d like to bring attention to Lee Seung Gi who has a very sexy charisma.”  She shared with us about Lee Seung Gi’s sexy abs.  Because Lee Seung Gi always has that title of nation’s younger brother in front of his name, it seems like that image of sexy abs would be distant… but when I saw Lee Seung Gi sunbae’s abs, I was totally surprised!

Video clip: Japanese news coverage of SeungGi’s recent fan meeting
omg, SeungGi and that fan on the bike!!!! He almost had a mini-crash while trying to get rolling! aw, so cute. Please cody, no more cabaret-singer outfits like that white get up in the end! more simline, mod black suits pretty please!! :)

(video credits: NewsAiren-tryp96)

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