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More photos from The Saem launching event

I totally fell in love with the photos and videos from The Saem launching event, but I’m so loving these additional photos of a sophisticated wine-drinking SeungGi!  Kudos to the Japanese press for getting a bunch of these photos, something only one Korean press did.  He looks like such a natural, not breaking a sweat!  Don’t you wish you could be dining out at some fancy event and sip some wine with SeungGi?!

More candid shots and entrance shots…

Based on these jumbo screen shots from the event, the fashion shoot photos look like they’re going to be awesome!  Such a contrast from Edwin!  Edwin was sooooo yesterday!  ha ha ha. Although, I’m really curious about SeungGi’s new fashion clothing endorsement that he seems to have already done the photoshoot for… the interview was supposed to broadcast on SBS entertainment show a few days ago, but it was moved to next week’s episode.

Love this shot… Seunggi, what are you so peacefully thinking about? :)

(cr: DClsg; As labeled)

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