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Cosmetics model Seunggi at launching event

*** UPDATED with video clips ***

I can’t believe that SeungGi actually showed up.  When I posted the scoop about today’s launching event, and sugested we could maybe have a Seunggi sighting, I really didn’t expect him to show up since the official launching isn’t until August… But he indeed showed up and made sure the guests got their money’s worth… a lucky raffle winner got that gorgeous diamond necklace personally placed around her neck from none other than The Saem endorsement model himself…

The press photos are fast and furious and there should be more BTS photos to surface from people who attended the event!  There were a few articles about the event quoting SeungGis remarks made at the launching show, but this in particular is so Seunggi!! LOL. omg, how is he going to deal with the summer sun while filming both 1n2d and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ :)

Having recently signed on as a cosmetics model, nation’s uhm-chin-ah Lee Seung Gi said, “These days, I have been using an umbrella daily so as to to take care of my skin and keep it from getting too tan.”

Lee Seung Gi made an appearance at The Saem cosmetics brand launching show on the 21st saying “I’m a bit worrried as to whether I can still show a disheveled image now that I have become a cosmetics model” and added “I will work hard to take care of myself and show forth an image that is like that of a cosmetics model.”

He said, “I recently finished filming a CF for The Saem and I think that this may be perhaps one of the most awesome ones among the CFs that I have filmed.” He added “As The Saem is looking to expand their presence, I hope to be able to contribute to that as their model.”

The Saem is a Korean cosemetics company that was founded 48 years ago, and having recently put all their efforts into revamping and launching this cosmetics brandshop, the plan to open their first shop on August 1st and are plaanning to open 50 more shops in the coming future.

English translation:  LSGfan;  Article: StyleM MoneyToday

SeungGi was looking so handsome!  Although my continuous pet peeve with his cody stylist is that she doesn’t dress him in more fitted suits, like I always feel like his suits are just a little too loose… but overall, I’m pretty thrilled with this look!  Also, I sort of wish he had worn a formal tux as the patrons seemed to have been totally decked out for the event, but still happy that cody went with simple skinny silk black tie…

And these photos of SeungGi and the diamond necklace… so James Bond-ish, no?  Felt like a scene straight out of some 007 movie.  First time that I felt like I could really see SeungGi pulling it off and acting on the big screen…

(photo credits: various news outlets as labeled)

I just love that SeungGi is so loved!  And while fame is so fleeting in Korea, especially in kpop world… if Seunggi stays true to himself and who he is, I’m sure we’ll be seeing him around for a while.

Sometimes, Korean celebs are really popular in other countries but there’s really no interest from Korean fans and I heard that can be sort of depressing for those celebs. And I’m not saying this just as a fan, but it really is the common sentiment in Korea… SeungGi definitely is one of the most beloved celebs in Korea!

And while his management is looking to expand his activities and fanbase to other countries, I love that he has the love and backing of all of Korea to support him as he goes out to connect more with the adoring (and awesome!) international fans!

CF sneak peek! omg, it feels like a real movie trailer!
Sounds like SeungGi is doing the voice narration and sings in the background!

(cr: leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com)

More fancam of interview with SeungGi…
So this is really interesting… I didn’t realize that The Saem is a women’s cosmetics company!  I guess everyone’s learned a great marketing lesson through SeungGi’s popular Samsung zipel ads and what makes women go out and spend their money… the interviewer asks SeungGi about that, how it’s not typical to see a guy modeling for a women’s cosmetics company and how that came about.  LSG says that being a cosmetics model is definitely highly sought after by any person and that he was really happy to hear about the endorsement, but that he was a worried about whether he would be able to show a more disheveled look/image on tv! btw, loooks like the fashion shoot (per big screen in back) is going to be daebak! :)

(cr: leeseunggi01)

2 Responses

  1. omigod! seunggi looks great! i can’t wait to see the cf since he said that this was the most awesome one out of all the cfs he’s done so far. sheesh. was waiting for august for gumiho and now i’ll also be anticipating this cf! Thanks Ann for the article.

  2. Thanks Ann for the news. You’re always so quick.
    You’re right about suits not fitting Seunggi. Even this one looks a little big at certain angle. Could it be he’s losing too much weight over the year? Or is it more comfortable a little loose? But the overall look is pretty good… at least way better than the ones earlier in the year.
    Seunggi have to take care of his image again, like in the early 1N2D episodes. Hahaha he’s so endearing

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