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Gumiho promos build even more anticipation!

SBS full force marketing for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is totally seducing me! At first I was totally wary of all the drama hype starting even when casting was still going on… but seeing the promo photos, first few stills, behind-the-scenes photos, Daewoong’s tweets about the upcoming OST that both SeungGi and MinAh will be singing on… omg, I just can’t get enough of all the mass media updates!  ahh, everyone’s feeling the anticipation and when Daewoong introduced his girlfriend via twitter selca, that sealed the deal and the press and netizens are gaga over LSG-SMA couple…

A big part comes from getting a sneak peek at what looks like great chemistry between LSG and SMA, but also both are very popular and super-liked in Korea with very little antis.  Add to that, both being acknowleged as good actors who can pull of comedy and melodrama well!

omg, these BTS photos say it all… MiHo sticking to DaeWoong like glue!!!!
and Seunggi’s (Daewoong’s) expressions are priceless per usual! :)

Official SBS Gumiho website is up! Check it out: tv.sbs.co.kr/mygumiho/
And also official twitter’s been up for a while: twitter.com/mygumiho

Partial profile translation on Cha Dae Woong (from below profile):
Age: 20’s.  Acting and filming student. His parents passed away when he was young; having been raised mostly by his grandfather and aunt, he is quite immature. But, even though he’s immature, when you look more deeply into him, he’s very kind, and even though he likes to have things his way, he is a sensitive guy.

This look from Seunggi is classic!  With MiHo stalking him regularly and bothering him, this is probably a regular expression he gives to Miho! :) omg, and the cartoon pix are too funny… looks like Daewoong is going to make Miho cry a lot of tears! :(

Am i the only one who loves that the Hong Sisters named the gumiho (nine-tailed fox) character literally… Gu Mi Ho?!!! love it! and love SMA’s look here… you can totally tell that’s an expression DaeWoong will probably see regularly from Miho! ha ha ha. and is cartoon Miho cooking cartoon Daewoong over the flames?! omg, LOL!!!! :) Love it!

For some reason Seunggi looks so different in these pix, like he looks like Seunggi but something a little is off.  When I first saw these promo shots, it really reminded me of actor Gong Yoo for some reason…

And I just can’t get over these stills of Seunggi and his leaf umbrella!!!  and once again, his expression = priceless! soooo curious to see what this is about!
aw DaeWoong really does look helpless here, no?! :)

(photo cr: DClsg; tryp96@twitter; SBS; naverblog)

And lastly, Daewoong and his leaf umbrella (cr: haart@soompiLSG). so cute! :)

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  1. I totally thought I was seeing things when I read that SMA’s character was literally named Gu Mi Ho! Such a pun..the Hong Sisters love those lols..and Seung Gi’s umbrella! I kept thinking of 1) Totoro and 2) 1n2d when they went to study wild greens.. LOVE IT!!!

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