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Daebak selca! Daewoong introduces his girlfriend

(cr: twitter.com/sbschadaewoong)

1st tweet: You were a bit disappointed that I did not share photos of Daewoong, right? I was patient for the purposes of today. Because I wanted to introduce an important person together with me… This is a daebak selca so open your eyes widely~~ Are you ready~?

2nd tweet (with photo): I’m introducing my girlfriend! [and then some joking statement about how she’s been around since a really long time ago!]

3rd tweet: Even though she’s older than DaeWoong by 500 years, proud to say that she is all guys’ ideal type. My Girlfriend.  Gu.Mi.Ho! Introducing her to you!!^^*

8 Responses

  1. EXCITED!!!

  2. they look sooooo good together!!!!

    i’m so hyper right now after seeing the picture
    n now the tweets! really dae-bak!
    thanks ann! i just love his tweets.
    DW is really proud to introduce his grilfriend lol :D

  3. i think sgi is really good at marketing

    the effect of this picture on me is just…. mind-blowing!

    i’m going crazy over them right now :D

  4. Fiey I can totally see your hyperness just by reading your comment! What I love most about this pic is the natural and real feel of it. Koreans are obsessed w/ selca shots and often they’re supposed to be all natural and like of the moment… But a lot of times, the shots feel totally staged.

    I love that lsg and sma are actually not looking all made up and at their best – just makes daewoong and miho more lovable! Anticipation! And add their upcoming ost songs into the mix! Omg,when will august come??!!

    but, have to say- can’t help but to be totally jealous of sma! Seunggi giving so much attention to her! :) :( LOL.

  5. DAEBAK!!!!! such a great selca that he posted..and hilarious tweets to accompany them! Also, I have to agree with you Ann, a very natural selca – not forced or pose-y at all.

    omg..IS IT AUGUST YET?!

  6. Ann, i think you’re getting hyper too. you just triple post! :D

    but really, i was so excited after seeing it that i went to MGIG thread & SMA thread to post it…toally no reaction at the drama thread *knocked down*

  7. i agree with u about the naturalness of this photo. totally love it! they look closer than i expected

  8. ha. all of you guys have made me way over-excited that I hit the submit button like 3 times from my mobile device/phone w/out realizing that i triple posted until now! :) :)

    My Girlfriend is a gumiho = Daebak!

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