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Disheveled hair prince Seunggi & Super Junior Logo Song, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

LSG video cuts from July 13th Strong Heart episode:
[Eng subs: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld]

Prince Seunggi transforms into Disheveled Hair Seunggi (ENG)

ha ha ha ha ha ha! omg, can’t stop laughing! Really loved this because Seunggi took it like a guy and let his hair get all messed up.  But actually, i think he was in such shock over the blast, he had no idea about the state of his hair.  Because according to fan account from the SH filming, he was fidgeting with his hair a lot from that point on during the filming! ha ha ha. Wonder what he thought when he saw the actual clip on tv?! But I think he was in a good mood that day… DClsg had prepared a 6-year debut event for everyone there on behalf of Seunggi.

The real reason Seunggi didn’t have a cellphone for a long time (Eng subs)

omg, my worst fears about a controlling and strict Hook company president! totally comes through when both Seunggi and Jo JungRin imitate her voice in that strict disapproving parent way!  Seems like she’s lightened up a bit, now that um, Seunggi is a young adult! Geez!

Kang Shim Jang logo song (SuJu guys + Seunggi and Hodong)

I was never a big SuJu fan but I’ve really grown to like the TeukAcademy guys so much as part of the overall Strong Heart family!

See RATINGS/RECAP from this ep:

See more LSG cuts from previous Strong Heart eps:

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translation Ann, & rapport for the videos.

    i planned to watch KSJ logo song MV later when i saw the links rapport posted on soompi, wasnt that excited since its not sgi singing it =P but i’m glad now that i decided to click on the video u posted here. Totally love the song & the clips!!! its just… so heartwarming.

  2. KSJ totally feel like a family like how 1n2d does.

  3. Hi
    I can only sub Seunggi Crazy-Hair Seunggi part for now.

    For “Reason for Seunggi not having a cellphone for a long time part” will sub it later.
    Have to go >-<

    Enjoy :)

    • omg rapport, you’re the best! everyone totally loves the videos. these posts always get so many hits! love how you inserted the “kang shim juk” part! ha ha ha.

      also, everyone totally appreciates the time you take to do these so please don’t ever feel any pressure to sub. and at times when you don’t feel like doing it or dont have time, just don’t do it, ok?! :) maybe some other soompi airens will be interested in helping out if needed.

      but i’m with you… these short clips are pretty manageable in terms of translation for me… anything longer like a full ep, would be pretty impossible. omg, i just can’t get over seeing “kang shim juk” spelled out! ha ha ha.

      • Thank you for your concern ( am I using the right word?)

        Don’t worry, I am happy to do it (I mean for short clips haha)

        And now fiey must read your comment here, so she would help me out.

        We might see her sub the clip soon…..:)

        Soompi Airen Fighting!!!!

  4. hey Ann, can you check your email asap?

  5. thx a lot for ann unnie, rapport2010 and leeseunggiworld
    you are the BEST!!!
    i always enjoy these video cuts w/ sub…
    because i always have problems to download a full episode and it’s hard to find w/ eng sub…

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